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Youth Spark: How to Sign Up for Microsoft Camp

Once upon a time, four years ago, I had a less than favorable experience with the Tech Tots program offered by our local Microsoft Store.

This year, the boys wanted to try Microsoft camp again. I was willing to give it another chance.

I googled "microsoft camp" and the first result came YouthSpark Programs at the Microsoft Stores:

There are different options of classes depending on age group, length of program, and topic to be covered. Only classes that have space show on the search so I recommend planning at least two months in advance to RSVP for the classes. All attendees must RSVP.

My boys chose "How to Start A Business" which was geared for kids ages 8 to 12. This program ran for 4 consecutive days, two hours each day.

The four days walked the kids through creating a business plan through worksheets and then transferring the business plan to a PowerPoint presentation which they shared on the last day of camp.

It was perfectly paced for the kids to follow along…

We Tried The Dirty Cookie!

Following #foodie on Instagram is dangerous. My finger scrolls, likes, and follows. Then my feed is filled with yummy food posts from all over the world. My mouth waters and I keep scrolling. It's an endless cycle. 

The Dirty Cookie is one of my recent IG #foodie finds. Lucky for me, The Dirty Cookie is not too far from home and is on the way to and from our family Los Angeles adventures. 
So, what is The Dirty Cookie? First, it's far from dirty. It's totally yummo and Garcia Bros. approved! Think shots, like drink shots. Like the drink shots you get at the club. But it's not a shot "glass", it's a cookie "glass". And it's not alcohol but milk, chocolate creme, cold brew, soft-serve, or s'mores. AND, you can customize your cookie with cute characters and logos. Hubby had to get this favorite Winnie the Pooh. 

The Dirty Cookie was delicious. I look forward to trying the other flavors. The red velvet was calling my name. Although yummy and…

We LOVED the Lincoln Date Night Experience

Date nights are few and far between for hubby and I. I know this is the case for many couples as well. Be it finances, time, or babysitting, for many of us getting away for a date night for a few hours is tough. 

Thanks to Witt Lincoln of San Diego and the "Lincoln Date Night" promotion, we got this cool ride and some cash to enjoy a night out. Well, for us it wasn't really a date night, it was more of a day outing with included some lunch and shopping as a pre-father's day treat for hubby!

So, how does it work?

What did we LOVE about the Lincoln MKZ?
The car drove really well, but what I loved the most was all the features inside the vehicle which made for comfort and enjoyment. 
First, I loved the seat coolers! Today was one of the first warm days of summer here in San Diego so the seat coolers were very much appreciated! The subtle cool air was awesome!

Second, the seats have massage functions! The driver and front passengers have their own controls for massage f…

The Benefits of Holistic Healing with Dr. Luib

What is holistic medicine?

The premise of holistic medicine is healing the whole individual: body, mind, and soul. 
I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Catherine Sy Luib of the Luib Health Center of San Diego.
She believes that it is important to take time and use a holistic approach to make sure that she treats the root cause of an individual's pain or illness and to not just address the symptoms being experienced.

She believes that pain or illness are a result of an imbalance between the mind, body, and spirit. They all work together to maintain wellness and harmony. When there is an imbalance, the whole individual is affected, not just that one spot or symptom.
As I've gotten older, I've started to listen more to my body, especially when it comes to stress at work. I've found when I'm in stressful situations at work (MIND), I get my migraine headaches and feel fatigue (BODY), which results in an irritable mood (SPIRIT). 
Most recently, I hurt my shoulder …

Visiting Washington DC with Kids: Day Four

Washington DC with Garcia Memories:
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four

By the time Day 4 of our Washington DC trip came around, our boys had become pros on the Metro. I was impressed with their ability to follow along on the maps and use their Metro etiquette.

We started the day at The National Archives. We tried to get their early since we were not able to secure reservations. The archives opened at 9AM, we got there a little before 9 and there was already a long line outside. Most of the people in line were school field trips. The line moved quickly and soon we were inside viewing The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. No pictures are allowed inside.

Next was the Library of Congress which was the main reason for our trip. The boys were excited to see the "largest library in the world". Once inside the boys were expecting a traditional library, but a really large library. They thought they'd be able to browse the shelves and get lost in the books. Unfortunately, the Libra…