We Tried The Dirty Cookie!

Following #foodie on Instagram is dangerous. My finger scrolls, likes, and follows. Then my feed is filled with yummy food posts from all over the world. My mouth waters and I keep scrolling. It's an endless cycle. 

The Dirty Cookie is one of my recent IG #foodie finds. Lucky for me, The Dirty Cookie is not too far from home and is on the way to and from our family Los Angeles adventures. 

So, what is The Dirty Cookie? First, it's far from dirty. It's totally yummo and Garcia Bros. approved!
Think shots, like drink shots. Like the drink shots you get at the club. But it's not a shot "glass", it's a cookie "glass". And it's not alcohol but milk, chocolate creme, cold brew, soft-serve, or s'mores. AND, you can customize your cookie with cute characters and logos. Hubby had to get this favorite Winnie the Pooh. 

Churro with Coconut Cold Brew
Cookies and Cream with Chocolate Cream

The Dirty Cookie was delicious. I look forward to trying the other flavors. The red velvet was calling my name. Although yummy and a unique way to have milk and cookies,  it was a bit over priced. For 4 dirty cookies, it was $27. Yikes!

If you are in and around Orange County, check out The Dirty Cookie located inside the Union Market Tustin, in The District marketplace. Follow them on Instagram to make your mouth water.