We LOVED the Lincoln Date Night Experience

Date nights are few and far between for hubby and I. I know this is the case for many couples as well. Be it finances, time, or babysitting, for many of us getting away for a date night for a few hours is tough. 

Thanks to Witt Lincoln of San Diego and the "Lincoln Date Night" promotion, we got this cool ride and some cash to enjoy a night out. Well, for us it wasn't really a date night, it was more of a day outing with included some lunch and shopping as a pre-father's day treat for hubby!

So, how does it work?

What did we LOVE about the Lincoln MKZ?

The car drove really well, but what I loved the most was all the features inside the vehicle which made for comfort and enjoyment. 

First, I loved the seat coolers! Today was one of the first warm days of summer here in San Diego so the seat coolers were very much appreciated! The subtle cool air was awesome!

Second, the seats have massage functions! The driver and front passengers have their own controls for massage features on the seats. For my long commutes to and from work, these massage seats would be heavenly after a long day.

Third, the sound system in the MKZ was impressive. The clip in the video below does not do it justice. You can read all about the 19-speaker sound system here.

Marco Jimenez, Internet Consultant from Witt Lincoln was super helpful in getting us set up! The entire experience from vehicle pick up to drop off was no pressure. There was no sales talk, just a simple offer "If you are ever in the market to buy a car, please consider us, " and that was it.  The entire experience really was a genuine offer to experience the Lincoln MKZ without any strings attached.

You can email marco.jimenez@wittlincoln.com or call 619-358-5018 to inquire on the availability of the vehicles for your own Lincoln Date Night.