Youth Spark: How to Sign Up for Microsoft Camp

Once upon a time, four years ago, I had a less than favorable experience with the Tech Tots program offered by our local Microsoft Store.

This year, the boys wanted to try Microsoft camp again. I was willing to give it another chance.

I googled "microsoft camp" and the first result came YouthSpark Programs at the Microsoft Stores:

There are different options of classes depending on age group, length of program, and topic to be covered. Only classes that have space show on the search so I recommend planning at least two months in advance to RSVP for the classes. All attendees must RSVP.

My boys chose "How to Start A Business" which was geared for kids ages 8 to 12. This program ran for 4 consecutive days, two hours each day.

The four days walked the kids through creating a business plan through worksheets and then transferring the business plan to a PowerPoint presentation which they shared on the last day of camp.

It was perfectly paced for the kids to follow along. There were interactive activities, opportunities for the kids to interact with each other, view inspirational videos, as well as a opportunity for the kids to learn how to use PowerPoint and practice their public speaking skills.

I'm so proud of my two boys and their business plan.

DJ's proposed business is a website called "Stress Buddy" to sell stress relief aides like fidget spinners, stress balls, and aromatherapy "stress smells".

Jelo's proposed business is a website for "Game Tips" where users can share their gaming tips for video games. 

The sound on the video is bad. The classes are held during business hours so it was busy in the store each day of class. Regardless, students and their instructor Julia were on task and weren't bothered too much by the busyness of the store. 

Overall, I'm very much impressed with this FREE program offered by Microsoft. My kids left the YouthSpark Microsoft experience inspired to pursue the business they initiated at Microsoft Camp.

Visit Microsoft YouthSpark for more information!