Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Definitely a HAPPY Halloween!

I am blessed to be a part of the best high school counseling team EVER! Here we are in our crayon costumes entertaining the entire school everyday with your "colorful" personalities!

Another blessing is the love from our family! Here we are with some of our family members enjoying each others' company while trick or treating!

The Garcia's definitely made some awesome Memories tonight! 
We hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Every Mom Needs a Night Out!

I take the role of Mommy very seriously! Rules and routines, showers and clean fingernails, chores, consequences and rewards, healthy meals, and educational activities. Sometimes it all gets too much for me! Sometimes I just want to step away from all that "mommy-ness" and just be me!

When I heard of San Diego Mom's Night Out event at Kin Spa of the Hyatt Manchester of San Diego, I was super excited! I tried to rally up some of my mommy friends, but many of them were too busy being mommies to come hangout with me for a few hours!

So, who do I get to come with me? My single friend, fellow "12 runs for 2012" partner, Eleina! She didn't have the "ties" of mommyhood to tie her down so she jumped at the opportunity to have free flowing drinks and unlimited appetizers with me! We also met up with my "kumare" (Filipino word for mother of my Goddaughter) Dorothy at the event who brought mommy friend, April, also!

The venue was beautiful! The pool area of the Kin Spa at the Manchester Hyatt was done up awesome for all the mommies! Several stations to get your hair done, makeup touched up, hands massaged, and nails done!

My favorite product of the evening was Pure Fiji. My hand massage with their hydrating body lotion which was infused with coconut oil was so silky it made my skin feel so smooth. It smelled great too!

The strawberry mom-tinis were delicious! They were served in cute mini-martini glasses! The perfect drink to celebrate all the awesome mommies in the house!

The appetizers yummy! I loved the sushi from Sally's! I love sushi that is infused with lemon. Sally's had served some sushi pieces that had lemon slices on top, YUM!

A bit o Burlesque provided the entertainment with their sexy moves and voluptuous bodies! I loved to learn they come to you for group lessons! I'm excited to use them for a bachelorette party I'm planning for the Spring!

It was great to run into old friend Joanne from Sushi Affair who was enjoying the evening with her mommy friends! It was even more awesome to actually meet some "San Diego mom blogger personalities" like Cynthia, Angela, and Tracy who I "met" online!

It was a great night out and I'm thankful to SD Mom's Night Out for putting the event together! I look forward to next time!

Our friends...So Cal Kids San Diego!

There are lots of awesome websites out there that share the events in and around America's Finest City, San Diego. One of my favorites for awhile now is SoCal Kids San Diego!

I always look forward to SoCal Kids San Diego's newsletters in my inbox to scan through the week's fun family friendly events! There are often so many to choose from!

Since I plan most of our family's weekend activities, I put the events I plan for us to attend on my iPhone calendar and "share" with the hubby! If I mention it in conversation, he'll forget! But if I put it on his calendar, and it "beeps" 2 days before, and "beeps" 1 day before, and once last "beep" a few hours before, he's bound to remember!

Every once in awhile hubby responds "maybe" because of work committments! Boo!

One of the events I found on So Cal Kids San Diego was the Julian Apple Festival. Although we didn't visit Julian during the actual Apple Festival, So Cal Kids San Diego reminded me of the fun apple picking to do during the Fall! 

Thanks to Kathie Zaccaria and So Cal Kids San Diego, they shared our "Garcia Memory" of our very own Julian in the city of Julian! Check it out here!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's Almost Halloween

I was so delighted yesterday to get an email from Red Tricycle

Jelo's Busy Bee Costume is featured on their "Street Style: Homemade Halloween Costumes From Our Readers"!

When I showed Jelo that his costume and his pictures were placed on Red Tricycle, he was super excited! He said "They picked me Mom?! That's so cool!". It was neat to see the delight in his face! He was so proud and excited to know he was on "the internet" and that he was featured along so many other cool costumes. 

As we scrolled the costumes, Jelo's favorite (other than his own of course) as the iPhone! I was afraid he was going to ask me to make that for next Halloween! 

I'd like to be able to make my boys homemade made costumes from now on. Or, I should say, I'd like to make home made costumes for my boys as along as they'll wear them and still think they're "cool"!

Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe and have awesome fun!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Style, Pink Milk, and Aca-what?!

It has been another fun filled weekend! Having a plan for a fun-filled weekend makes the work week go by faster!

Saturday started with hubby doing some yard work and I doing some laundry and tidying up around the house. It feels good to do the "chores" first, then have fun. I guess it clears my conscience and reinforces my need for fun!

In the afternoon, we headed to the Westfield Style Tour at Plaza Bonita in National City, CA. When I heard of this event coming to my hometown mall, I was super excited. Plaza Bonita is not in one the more "glamorous" neighborhoods in San Diego county. Yet, I was happy Plaza Bonita was hosting to allow San Diegans who don't usually visit National City a reason to check it out!

I checked in at the cool set up in front of Macy's, was offered something to drink, and had a seat in some cool leather sofas while I watched a dozens of makeup artists and stylists work with other women.

When it was my turn, a makeup specialist from Clinique gave me some suggestions on makeup. She used the "Black Tie Violets" eye shadow palette which was super cute on me!

I then got in line and waited to meet Stacy London from TLC's "What Not To Wear". She is very tall and slender, sexy! When she spoke with me, she complimented me on my dress. She said she loved the patterns! She did, though, not like my long cardigan. She said short people should keep to short cardigans, it'll help with the illusion of height! It was awesome to get one-on-one fashion advice from Stacy London! Here is a not so flattering for either of us!

I walked away with a swag bag too! Inside was a scarf from New York and Co., NYX lip liner from Fresa makeup boutique, faux pearl bracelets from Dear Alice accessory store, Luna fiber bar, Tous catalogue, makeup and skin care samples, and a bunch of coupons!

My boys and I then went to check out a new dessert place in one of our favorite foodie neighborhoods. It's Up 2 You Cafe. Honey Brick Toast, Iced Milk Tea, and Pink Milk were some of the yummies we tried! Oh so good! The company was great too!

Sunday after some worship and lunch with the in-laws, hubby and I had some alone time to catch a movie! I've been dying to watch "Pitch Perfect". It was so funny! Aca-scuse me?! Aca-what?! Aca-akward! The movie definitely lived up to all the positive comments from friends and family! Here we are enjoying a few hours with no kids, and my husband's invention on how to get the butter to all the "levels" of popcorn: a few straws and the butter machine. I have to say, it actually works!

Cheers to another awesome weekend and back to another productive work week!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Run #10 of 12 for 2012

It is unbelievably October and I've just completed run #10 of 12 for 2012! 
For the history of my 12 runs for 2012 challenge, you can click here and here!

So far this year, I've done:

For the month of October, Eleina and I took on the Southern California Rugged Maniac. When we took on this challenge for 2012, we knew we wanted to do a mud run. Rugged Maniac was the one we chose for October. When reading the description of the run on their website, the Rugged Manaic looked very challenging. It said most of the people who do this run are being who do "cross fit" and are "experienced obstacle course runners". I DO NOT do cross fit and I AM NOT an experienced runner. So, I knew from the get go this run would be very challenging.

When Eleina and I arrived at the run, there was mountain and what looked like ants climbing up the mountain. After looking more carefully, the trail of ants started where it said "start", went up the mountain, went cross the top of the mountain, and zig-zagged down the mountain to the where it said "finish". I took a deep breath and told myself "you signed up for it, you better run it!".

We approached the start and had to jump a wall to get to the start line. Short me had a hard time with this first obstacle. I dreaded the 18 obstacles to come ahead!

When the horn sounded for our 10:15AM start, the hardcore "real runners" ran past me, as usual. I jogged for about a quarter of a mile and then met the first obstacle: going through the lakeshore which was thick with mud at the bottom. I had to be fast or my feet would sink or I'd lose my shoes! Once out of the lake, my shoes were filled with mud and soot, making it hard to even walk. At this point, the running stopped and the walking began.

The next obstacle were a series of a mud hills to climb, about 6-8 feet tall. The hills had a mud pool in between them about 8 feet long and about 3 feet deep. Going up those hills and wading through the mud was exhausting, I was out of breath and I to stop moving for a bit. Next were some hanging tires and tires on the ground to maneuver through. Then, another set of hills and mud.

Then the mountain, the dang mountain, that at times was so steep I was ready to quit. At times the trail was so narrow, I was scared if I took the wrong step or slipped, I'd fall down into the valley. The whole time I was huffing and puffing up the mountain, the hardcore people were passing us by but they would give people like me words of encouragement "keep going girls!", "you got this girls!", "you're almost there!". It was motivating to hear those words. I wasn't being judged for being slow or having a hard time,  but encouraged to keep going. The "mile 1" sign was at one of the inclines. I thought to myself, "Ah shit, only?!".

Most of the run was up and round the mountain, the last mile or so was going down the mountain. At times, I learned why people use "trail" running shoes and not just plain "running" shoes on runs like this. The terrain at times can be slippery, even when dry. Steep inclines and declines can cause you to lose footing if you step wrong or have the wrong kind of shoes. The next two miles had tall walls to climb, tunnels to climb and slide down, barb wire to avoid, mud to climb up, slide down, wade through. It was disappointing to not see more support staff throughout the run that I've been accustomed to in the other runs I've done, considering this one was so grueling. Also, there was only one water station the entire run. I can understand one mid-route water stop in your usual 5k, but this was not my usual 5k. I was dying for water by the time I got to it.



Towards the end of the run was a giant water slide that ended up on a four foot pool of muddy water. I almost drowned trying to gain footing after I dropped from the slide. The guy next to me had to ask if I was OK. I barely caught my breath. I swam to the other end of the muddy pool to find a 15 foot wall of mud I had to climb to get out of the pool. Thank God there was a rope to pull myself out!

More hills, more mud pools, and more obstacles in the lake bed to end the last mile. With the finish line in sight, there was two lines of fire we had to jump over. I ran to get a running start to make sure I didn't burn myself, I can't jump that high!

To get to the finish, there was a 15 foot tower to climb, cargo net to cross to another tower, then to climb down the tower to the finish line. At this point my legs were so tired, my arms weak. I was shaking in fear I'd lose my footing or handle to the planks I was grabbing on. Once at the bottom, Eleina and I did our "Gangnam Style" pose for the photogs as we finally crossed the finish line an hour and 1/2 later!

Out of all 10 runs this year so far, this was been, by far, the most challenging. The running/walking 5k is challenging enough for me. Adding the mountain and the obstacles took it to another level. The whole time I had the angel and the devil on my shoulders arguing to keep going or to stop. A few of the obstacles I skipped because I was just too tired and I feared landing wrong and hurting myself. I've learned in the runs I've done so far is that I have to learn to pace myself or I end up feeling sick at the end of my runs. I'm so proud of myself being able to do the "Rugged Maniac" and I can say "I AM A RUGGED MANIAC"!

This rugged maniac went home and passed out on the couch for about three hours after the run! My body hurts in places I didn't know could hurt! The scrapes and bruises on my legs will heal soon enough!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Are you an Influenster?!

When my children were born, I started a website to document our life as a family. No more scrapbooks taking up space at home that no one would really look at! I loved how the web allowed me to share the "Garcia Memories" with all of our friends and family, near and far. 

Then a new months ago, I decided to transition from our family's website to a blog. I wanted to document more than the milestones of my family, but also the everyday things I do: the fun, the craziness, the things I love to do, see, and use. 

So, with lots of internet searches and posts from fellow bloggers, I came across Influenster. The descriptor on their website says this: "Influenster is a place for culture junkies to come together and share their unique opinions of products and experiences." 

Culture junkie, never heard of it, but it sure sounds like me!

So, I've spent the last few days learning about it and playing around with their site! I hope I'm "cool" enough to get some freebies to try out and review on their website! Current influensters have lots of great things to say on the website to say about this program, as well as great reviews on the products they have been given!

I'm super excited to get started! Are you? If so, visit to make your social media influence count!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Baby Mop

I came across this funny DIY outfit for crawling babies and I wanted to make it so bad! Because my boys are way beyond the crawling age, I had to figure out who to give it to. When my sis-in-law had her baby, it was the perfect time to put the outfit together!

I found some mop mittens for dusting at the dollar store that I cut up. I then used a onesie and pair of pants my boys grew out of to put the mop material on. Using fabric glue, I put the mop material on the front of the onesie and the knee parts of the pants!

I can't wait to see me nephew in this! Hopefully he'll get the floors clean while he practices his crawling!

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Break 2012

Thanks to my year-round schedule as a high school counselor, I have a few weeks of vacation every 6-8 weeks! Every break always goes by much faster than I would like. Tomorrow, its back to the daily grind, but today I look back on the daily diversions I've had the past two weeks!

My break didn't start out 'fun' though. If you follow my tweets and blog, I shared the car accident I had the Friday of my last day at work. My kids and I were hit on our usual afternoon commute by a man who had an epileptic seizure   The entire break has been communicating with insurance companies and trying to get my car fixed.

Besides that event, the last two weeks have been filled with welcomed diversions:

 Mommy Date with DJ at Seaworld

Family outing to welcome in the Fall season with some apple picking and apple pie in Julian, CA

Another DJ and Mommy Date to the Model Railroad Museum

Eleina and I visit The Ellen Show in Burbank, CA

It was a busy, yet two weeks filled with welcomed diversions! I was able to enjoy some quality time with my family and have  some "me" time also. I tried some new things and revisited things I love to do.  I'm returning to work refreshed and re-energized!

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