Style, Pink Milk, and Aca-what?!

It has been another fun filled weekend! Having a plan for a fun-filled weekend makes the work week go by faster!

Saturday started with hubby doing some yard work and I doing some laundry and tidying up around the house. It feels good to do the "chores" first, then have fun. I guess it clears my conscience and reinforces my need for fun!

In the afternoon, we headed to the Westfield Style Tour at Plaza Bonita in National City, CA. When I heard of this event coming to my hometown mall, I was super excited. Plaza Bonita is not in one the more "glamorous" neighborhoods in San Diego county. Yet, I was happy Plaza Bonita was hosting to allow San Diegans who don't usually visit National City a reason to check it out!

I checked in at the cool set up in front of Macy's, was offered something to drink, and had a seat in some cool leather sofas while I watched a dozens of makeup artists and stylists work with other women.

When it was my turn, a makeup specialist from Clinique gave me some suggestions on makeup. She used the "Black Tie Violets" eye shadow palette which was super cute on me!

I then got in line and waited to meet Stacy London from TLC's "What Not To Wear". She is very tall and slender, sexy! When she spoke with me, she complimented me on my dress. She said she loved the patterns! She did, though, not like my long cardigan. She said short people should keep to short cardigans, it'll help with the illusion of height! It was awesome to get one-on-one fashion advice from Stacy London! Here is a not so flattering for either of us!

I walked away with a swag bag too! Inside was a scarf from New York and Co., NYX lip liner from Fresa makeup boutique, faux pearl bracelets from Dear Alice accessory store, Luna fiber bar, Tous catalogue, makeup and skin care samples, and a bunch of coupons!

My boys and I then went to check out a new dessert place in one of our favorite foodie neighborhoods. It's Up 2 You Cafe. Honey Brick Toast, Iced Milk Tea, and Pink Milk were some of the yummies we tried! Oh so good! The company was great too!

Sunday after some worship and lunch with the in-laws, hubby and I had some alone time to catch a movie! I've been dying to watch "Pitch Perfect". It was so funny! Aca-scuse me?! Aca-what?! Aca-akward! The movie definitely lived up to all the positive comments from friends and family! Here we are enjoying a few hours with no kids, and my husband's invention on how to get the butter to all the "levels" of popcorn: a few straws and the butter machine. I have to say, it actually works!

Cheers to another awesome weekend and back to another productive work week!