Our friends...So Cal Kids San Diego!

There are lots of awesome websites out there that share the events in and around America's Finest City, San Diego. One of my favorites for awhile now is SoCal Kids San Diego!

I always look forward to SoCal Kids San Diego's newsletters in my inbox to scan through the week's fun family friendly events! There are often so many to choose from!

Since I plan most of our family's weekend activities, I put the events I plan for us to attend on my iPhone calendar and "share" with the hubby! If I mention it in conversation, he'll forget! But if I put it on his calendar, and it "beeps" 2 days before, and "beeps" 1 day before, and once last "beep" a few hours before, he's bound to remember!

Every once in awhile hubby responds "maybe" because of work committments! Boo!

One of the events I found on So Cal Kids San Diego was the Julian Apple Festival. Although we didn't visit Julian during the actual Apple Festival, So Cal Kids San Diego reminded me of the fun apple picking to do during the Fall! 

Thanks to Kathie Zaccaria and So Cal Kids San Diego, they shared our "Garcia Memory" of our very own Julian in the city of Julian! Check it out here!