Every Mom Needs a Night Out!

I take the role of Mommy very seriously! Rules and routines, showers and clean fingernails, chores, consequences and rewards, healthy meals, and educational activities. Sometimes it all gets too much for me! Sometimes I just want to step away from all that "mommy-ness" and just be me!

When I heard of San Diego Mom's Night Out event at Kin Spa of the Hyatt Manchester of San Diego, I was super excited! I tried to rally up some of my mommy friends, but many of them were too busy being mommies to come hangout with me for a few hours!

So, who do I get to come with me? My single friend, fellow "12 runs for 2012" partner, Eleina! She didn't have the "ties" of mommyhood to tie her down so she jumped at the opportunity to have free flowing drinks and unlimited appetizers with me! We also met up with my "kumare" (Filipino word for mother of my Goddaughter) Dorothy at the event who brought mommy friend, April, also!

The venue was beautiful! The pool area of the Kin Spa at the Manchester Hyatt was done up awesome for all the mommies! Several stations to get your hair done, makeup touched up, hands massaged, and nails done!

My favorite product of the evening was Pure Fiji. My hand massage with their hydrating body lotion which was infused with coconut oil was so silky it made my skin feel so smooth. It smelled great too!

The strawberry mom-tinis were delicious! They were served in cute mini-martini glasses! The perfect drink to celebrate all the awesome mommies in the house!

The appetizers yummy! I loved the sushi from Sally's! I love sushi that is infused with lemon. Sally's had served some sushi pieces that had lemon slices on top, YUM!

A bit o Burlesque provided the entertainment with their sexy moves and voluptuous bodies! I loved to learn they come to you for group lessons! I'm excited to use them for a bachelorette party I'm planning for the Spring!

It was great to run into old friend Joanne from Sushi Affair who was enjoying the evening with her mommy friends! It was even more awesome to actually meet some "San Diego mom blogger personalities" like Cynthia, Angela, and Tracy who I "met" online!

It was a great night out and I'm thankful to SD Mom's Night Out for putting the event together! I look forward to next time!