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Life Play Summer Camps for Kids!

Summer is just around the corner! Many parents, just like me, are trying to figure out how to keep their kids busy during their time away from school. We're lucky we live in beautiful San Diego which has many things to do to keep our kids busy!

It's my pleasure to share with you Life Play, arts-centered camps, in 5 different locations in San Diego, featuring a powerful, innovative social & emotional curriculum, designed to expand creativity, empathy, communication, and personal accountability in children. Being a high school counselor, I know the importance of personal, emotional, and social well-being as a basis for academic success. Life Play gives children an avenue to explore their personal traits while making friends and having fun!

Life Play is staffed with a team of highly skilled, passionate teaching specialists who believe that people of all ages achieve personal success through deeper self-awareness, maintaining an open and curious mind, and by developing an ever-…

Congrats to our Counseling Interns! #SCCHAT

I wanted to share with you pictures from San Diego State University's School Counseling Graduate Student Showcase! Being an SDSU Alum, I look forward to any reason to step foot on campus!
There were about a dozen graduating school counseling students, our interns included, who presented their projects during their internships this year.
All the other students created and executed only ONE guidance lesson for the entire school year, our interns created SIX LESSONSfor our 6-week 9th grade guidance lesson series for Freshman Success! Our interns obviously stood above all the other students!
I'm so proud of their work for our school!
Congrats Ms. Henderson and Ms. Delgado in earning your Masters of Science degree in Educational Counseling!

Kids Academy Company's Learning Apps for Preschoolers

Kids Academy Company's Learning Apps for Preschoolers has lots of great features for your children who are getting ready for kindergarten!

Available for iTunes or Kindle, the app has lots of cute and colorful interactive videos for your child to learn the alphabet. The animated alphabet and pictures keep your child entertained while learning at the same time.

One of the great features of this app is practice with handwriting. There are games for your child to practice tracing letters and numbers.

When your child successfully completes some of the games they receive a medal or an award on the screen with a motivational message to keep on going! My son liked this a lot!

When you using the games for practice writing the alphabet I would suggest your child use a stylus to mimic the use of a pen or pencil.

Overall this is a great app to learn the basics for preparation for kindergarten!

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Teacher Appreciation Day

It's Teacher Appreciation Week and it's not too late to show your thanks to your kids' teachers!

As a former teacher, this time of the year means so much! Little gestures of gratitude go a long way! Throughout the years, I've kept all my cards, notes, letters, and pictures from my former students. About this time of each year, I go back and look through the years of wonderful words and images! It always brings a tear to my eye!

I was inspired by Pinterest once again in my teacher appreciation projects. As one of the room moms, I was tasked in organizing the "thank you" efforts for my son's kindergarten class.

First, with the help of my Cricut, I made this cute poster with the concept and idea from Pinterest.

My son's teacher mentioned at open house that she'd really appreciate Target gift cards so I decided to create a gift card bouquet. I emailed the other parents and asked them to add a gift card to the bouquet. I found this beautiful silk flowe…