Congrats to our Counseling Interns! #SCCHAT

I wanted to share with you pictures from San Diego State University's School Counseling Graduate Student Showcase! Being an SDSU Alum, I look forward to any reason to step foot on campus!

There were about a dozen graduating school counseling students, our interns included, who presented their projects during their internships this year.

All the other students created and executed only ONE guidance lesson for the entire school year, our interns created SIX LESSONS for our 6-week 9th grade guidance lesson series for Freshman Success! Our interns obviously stood above all the other students!

I'm so proud of their work for our school!

Congrats Ms. Henderson and Ms. Delgado in earning your Masters of Science degree in Educational Counseling!

Interns Ms. Henderson and Ms. Delgado

Mrs. Chavez-Casas and I with the interns