Teacher Appreciation Day

It's Teacher Appreciation Week and it's not too late to show your thanks to your kids' teachers!

As a former teacher, this time of the year means so much! Little gestures of gratitude go a long way! Throughout the years, I've kept all my cards, notes, letters, and pictures from my former students. About this time of each year, I go back and look through the years of wonderful words and images! It always brings a tear to my eye!

I was inspired by Pinterest once again in my teacher appreciation projects. As one of the room moms, I was tasked in organizing the "thank you" efforts for my son's kindergarten class.

First, with the help of my Cricut, I made this cute poster with the concept and idea from Pinterest.

My son's teacher mentioned at open house that she'd really appreciate Target gift cards so I decided to create a gift card bouquet. I emailed the other parents and asked them to add a gift card to the bouquet. I found this beautiful silk flower arrangement on sale at Michaels, I inserted some floral wire and twisted it at the top so it could hold several gift cards. 

Lastly, all classes were encouraged to have signs for Monday morning assembly to show their appreciation of their teachers. I created "High Five for Ms. Stein" little signs for the kids to hold during the assembly. They came out so cute!

I had a great time putting these crafts together to show my "thanks" to my son's teacher! She's awesome!