Life Play Summer Camps for Kids!

Summer is just around the corner! Many parents, just like me, are trying to figure out how to keep their kids busy during their time away from school. We're lucky we live in beautiful San Diego which has many things to do to keep our kids busy!

It's my pleasure to share with you Life Play, arts-centered camps, in 5 different locations in San Diego, featuring a powerful, innovative social & emotional curriculum, designed to expand creativity, empathy, communication, and personal accountability in children. Being a high school counselor, I know the importance of personal, emotional, and social well-being as a basis for academic success. Life Play gives children an avenue to explore their personal traits while making friends and having fun!

Life Play is staffed with a team of highly skilled, passionate teaching specialists who believe that people of all ages achieve personal success through deeper self-awareness, maintaining an open and curious mind, and by developing an ever-increasing emotional intelligence. Find LifePlay Productions on Facebook to learn more about social and emotional intelligence.

Check out the wide variety of camps to choose from on their website:
  • LifePlay Camp: A journey through the visual and performing arts, with a focus on self development. 
  • Camp Wonderland: Create your own wonderland in this theatrical production camp, and see your imagination come to life!
  • NaturePlay Camp: Use improvisation to develop children’s creativity, self-confidence, and communication skills. 
  • TheaterLive: In this fun and innovative camp, campers will delve into the various aspects of theatre and live theatrical performance.
  • CircusPlay: Each day, campers will have a chance to develop a new circus skill and learn fun choreography - hooping, juggling, clowning, acro-balancing, miming, and more!
  • ImprovLive: Students of improv not only learn how to be funny and powerful performers, but improv skills also transfer into the real world!
  • ArtPlay: Explore your creativity through expressive arts. Draw, sculpt, paint and craft pieces that will help you learn more about who you are. Create a mini portfolio of true self treasures.
  • Fun Fridays: Each Fun Friday we’ll develop the skills needed to be an excellent team player, including conflict resolution language and practice, empathy, tolerance, leadership, and open communication.

Make sure you plan ahead! Reserve your space in one of these amazing summer day camps early! For more information check out Facebook, Twitter, or call 858-255-0820!

Disclosure: I'm helping Life Camp spread the word about their summer camps and am receiving complimentary summer camp enrollment for my kids. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own