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Happy Thanksgiving from Garcia Family and Creative Creatures Photography

A good friend once told me, "You only have your kids for a small amount of time. You have to cherish every moment." I remember this every time my boys reach for a hug or leave a mess in their room. I savor the hugs and use patience with the mess. I only have them for a small moment of time. In a blink of an eye, they'll be in high school then off to live their own lives.

Looking at our recent family photos by Creative Creatures Photography, I can't help but tear up looking at my grown up boys! They are not babies anymore.

My cousin, Wena Lee, owner of Creative Creatures Photography, did a great job at capturing our family's personality. With two squirmy little boys, it's often challenging to get a decent picture, but Wena caught my boys at their best.

I've always loved the colors at the Spanish Village at Balboa Park. I always thought the multicolored walkways, as well as the brightly painted facades were perfect for a fun, lively photo shoot. The colors,…

Bye, Bye Plastic Grocery Bags! Hello Trolley Bags!

San Diego is the latest city to ban the use of plastic grocery bags. The day after the election, I was surprised to see the stores were already on board, ready to charge their customers for reusable bags. 

Lucky for me, I've scored myself a set of Trolley Bags! I was stopped a few times at my last visit to the grocery store with curious shoppers wanting to know where I got my cool bags. 

I got lots of compliments on my #TrolleyBags today! 👍 — Lysa Luansing-Garcia (@LovelyLysa) November 22, 2016 How do they work?

I find that with other reusable shopping bags, they are cumbersome and hard to organize. I find myself putting all of my shopping bags inside of one of the bags. Then bagger has a hard time pulling the bags out or they spill out into the cart. It becomes a puzzle trying to figure out which bags will fit the larger items, all the while the line behind me is getting longer and longer.

With the Trolley Bags, they fit just ri…

Let's Play for Change with IKEA

We recently had the privilege to hang out with a few other blogger families at our local IKEA home furnishings store to celebrate World Children's Day and the start of IKEA's Let's Play for Change campaign.

The IKEA Let’s Play for Change campaign focuses on children’s right to play and develop, highlighting the benefits of play for all children. For every children’s book and toy sold from November 20 to December 24, the IKEA Foundation will make a donation of $1 to projects in some of the poorest communities in the world, supporting children’s development and learning, equal participation, sports and of course – play. Locally, Rady's Children's Hospital will be on the receiving end of the Let's Play for Change campaign. 

Here are a few of the items you can purchase to help with the Let's Play for Change campaign!
For more information about the campaign:

I have to mention IKEA offers an AWESOME breakfast for an even more awesome price! Yummo!

Thanks IKEA fo…

Guest Post: Chipex Bring Life to my Old Car

Guest Post by Garcia Memories Dad

My wife's 2003 Honda Element has seen better days. It’s her daily driver to and from work 50 miles round trip every day. It’s helped her move twice, once into her condo, and another time when we moved into our home together. It’s our workhorse. Its size is misleading as it is able to move a lot of cargo, especially with the seats removed.

Hoping to get a couple more years out of it with 200k miles plus, we were excited to review Chipex paint chip repair system. Being over 10 years old, there are a lot of fine scratches, some chipped paint, and the occasional deep gouge. We ordered the correct factory paint color and once received reviewed the process.

Chipex is 3 step process of painting, blending ,and polishing. The kit consists of paint, a couple of microbrushes, blending solution a small foam block, a paint removal cloth for blending the paint, polish solution, and microfiber polishing cloth.

After washing the car I used a provided microbrush…

GIVEAWAY: Say Cheese with Whiter Teeth with Smile Brilliant

Being a school counselor, I'm in front of people all the time. Sometimes in one-on-one parent conferences, other times in front of groups of students in classroom lessons, or even in workshop settings in front of my peers.
I've always been self-conscious with the color of my teeth. Teeth Stains are not cool! Years of daily cups of coffee have definitely taken it's toll. I know my teeth are yellowish when my kids say, "Ew mom! Your teeth are yellow!" It's super embarrassing. 
Cheese! Here is my BEFORE picture!

Thanks to Smile Brilliant, I was able take a few shades off my yellow teeth. The three step process to get started was super easy. 
Step One: Order the Smile Brilliant System

LIVE on #Periscope: #SmileFearlessly with @SDWhitening 😆😀😁😃 — Lysa Luansing-Garcia (@LovelyLysa) September 2, 2016

Step Two: Send off your teeth impressions and wait for your teeth trays to arrive. My teeth trays were delivered to me very quickly. Within…

Nurture and Celebrate YOU at The Oaks in Ojai

The past few years, there are two days in a year that I allow myself to enjoy a day at the spa: my birthday and good friend Joyce's birthday. With our busy lives and the stresses of being educators, we've made the commitment to help each other take a "mental health break" during our birthdays. 

For Joyce's birthday this year, we headed to Ojai, California for a spa weekend getaway at the Oaks at Ojai, The drive from San Diego was surprisingly pleasant since the Los Angeles traffic usually makes me go mad. The traffic was light and the three hour drive went by quick. The jokes and stories Joyce and I share is more than enough to make the time to by. 
Nestled in the mountains of Ventura county, The Oaks at Ojai is in the town's main arcade. The Spanish feel of the town and the melodic sounds coming from the 99 year old Post Office Bell Tower really made me feel like I was truly on a retreat.  

The Oaks at Ojai is welcoming, supportive, and fun. Joyce and I met …