Guest Post: Chipex Bring Life to my Old Car

Guest Post by Garcia Memories Dad

My wife's 2003 Honda Element has seen better days. It’s her daily driver to and from work 50 miles round trip every day. It’s helped her move twice, once into her condo, and another time when we moved into our home together. It’s our workhorse. Its size is misleading as it is able to move a lot of cargo, especially with the seats removed.

Hoping to get a couple more years out of it with 200k miles plus, we were excited to review Chipex paint chip repair system. Being over 10 years old, there are a lot of fine scratches, some chipped paint, and the occasional deep gouge. We ordered the correct factory paint color and once received reviewed the process.

Chipex is 3 step process of painting, blending ,and polishing. The kit consists of paint, a couple of microbrushes, blending solution a small foam block, a paint removal cloth for blending the paint, polish solution, and microfiber polishing cloth.

After washing the car I used a provided microbrush to apply the paint to the scratches and chipped areas. On the fine to medium scratches, I used the paint sparingly. For deeper scratches and gouges, I filled the scratch with a blob of paint and allowed it to dry.

chipped paint to bare metal
After allowing the paint to dry, I moved on to step 2. I wrapped the foam block with the paint removal cloth and applied the blending solution. I proceeded to wipe the excess paint on the repaired areas and let the solution, block, and cloth do the work.

I was amazed how well Chipex worked on the scratches. After applying the paint and blending, most of the scratches were unnoticeable, and polishing made the fix complete.

BEFORE: Fine scratch
AFTER: Fine scratch gone!
The deep gouges were a different story. Most of them were paint chips down to the bare metal. I had to wet sand the paint a little bit, but that was user error. I guess I needed to watch more of the tutorials, or maybe the scratches were wider than what the repair kit was meant for.

After getting the paint smooth and using the 3 to polish the paint, the repairs to the deep gouges were still noticeable, but looked way better than before. I was extremely impressed by the kit, here is hoping for another 100k on this lovable car!

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Disclaimer: We received a complimentary Chipex Paint Repair System in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are mine.