Bye, Bye Plastic Grocery Bags! Hello Trolley Bags!

San Diego is the latest city to ban the use of plastic grocery bags. The day after the election, I was surprised to see the stores were already on board, ready to charge their customers for reusable bags. 

Lucky for me, I've scored myself a set of Trolley Bags! I was stopped a few times at my last visit to the grocery store with curious shoppers wanting to know where I got my cool bags. 

How do they work?

I find that with other reusable shopping bags, they are cumbersome and hard to organize. I find myself putting all of my shopping bags inside of one of the bags. Then bagger has a hard time pulling the bags out or they spill out into the cart. It becomes a puzzle trying to figure out which bags will fit the larger items, all the while the line behind me is getting longer and longer.

With the Trolley Bags, they fit just right into the cart so there is no guessing whether you have enough bags to fit all of your items. They are also different colors to help organize the items you've bought. I like to put frozen and cold items in the blue bag (blue like ice) and veggies in the green. The bags are also different sizes to allow for big items like toilet paper, detergent, and gallons of milk. It's super easy to transport your items from cart to car with the sturdy handles and the velcro which closes each bag up.

Here are my bags in my trunk after my Thanksgiving Dinner shopping trip. Those are TWO turkeys inside my orange Trolley bag!

Where can you get my own Trolley Bags?! Visit A few lucky family members will be getting their own set of Trolley Bags this holiday season!

Visit Trolley Bags on Twitter too!

I love, love, love my Trolley Bags! I know you will too!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary set of Trolley Bags in exchange for this blog post and social media shares. All opinions are mine.