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Top 5 Technology Musts for the Summer #ATTSummerSoiree

Summer is a great time to make memories with family and friends! Fun in the sun, backyard barbecues, and family vacations are what make summer memories last a lifetime!

Thanks to ATT's Summer Soiree, not only was able to interact with some of the latest technologies to help me stay connected during the summer, I got to partake in the great food and drinks at Bali Hai San Diego.

Here are my top 5 technology must haves for the summer for a busy mom like me:

1) The Selfie Stick by GabbaGoods is the newest and trendiest way to snap a photo! Whether you want the flexibility to take great self portraits, get a birds-eye view of the action, or get all your friends into the picture, this Selfie Stick makes it easy! Use it with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone that has a built-in camera. The Bluetooth connection is super easy, and there is no app required with any Apple® or Android™ device.

2) The Boom Swimmer Speaker is IPX7 Rated, meaning it can be immersed in a meter of water for 30 min…

Bite into the Grilled Cheese Goodness at Boudin SF

Who would've thought a visit to my local Boudin SF would've turned into a science lesson?

When Chef Skverky said Lactobacillus Sanfranciscensis is what gave Boudin's bread it's unique sourdough flavor, I thought he was joking. Sanfranciscensis = San Francisco. But no, he wasn't joking. Lactobacillus Sanfranciscensis is a kind of lactic acid bacteria that can only be found in San Francisco, thus giving Boudin's origins in San Francisco a new meaning. 

I've always loved sourdough bread, especially the unique flavor of the Boudin sourdough. Now I know what gives Boudin its one-of-a-kind flavor: Lactobacillus Sanfranciscensis
Chef Skverky was super to excited to share with my blogger friends and I the new grilled cheese menu items featured on the Boudin SF menu. He shared that it is his goal, as well as all Boudin restaurants, to have the first bite is as good as the last bite. 
Hubby, my kids, and I were able to bite, bite, bite through all the yummy grilled c…

Disney Inside Out Mystery Blind Box Opening

Like many kids nowadays, my boys are obsessed with toy review videos on YouTube. Jelo and DJ have insisted on doing toy reviews for a long time now so I promised them we'd get started on toy reviews this summer.

My newly minted 5 year old DJ received an Amazon Gift Card for his birthday so he immediately wanted to buy the hottest item on all the toy reviews sights right now - blind boxes. These mystery boxes come in different themes and characters. Since we just saw Inside Out yesterday he wanted to buy mystery boxes with the characters.

Now, yes we watched the movie yesterday and ordered these toys today. Thanks to Amazon Prime we were able to score same day shipping so the toys arrived the same day. I LOVE AMAZON PRIME's SAME DAY SHIPPING!

Earlier this week, I was shopping for a paper shredder. I went to Office Depot and was disappointed in the prices and selection. I came home ordered an awesomely priced, quality paper shredder and within a few hours it was delivered to my …

Fun for the Entire Family at Moonlight Stage

My hubby and I have always been fans of live theater. Before kids, we'd try and catch a live theater production a few times a year. But when our kids came along, it became harder to find the time to go.

Now that our kids our kids are a bit older, we've welcomed taking them to the theater but have tried to find family friendly productions and venues. This past Friday evening, we scored a gem! We enjoyed an great summer evening under the stars at Moonlight Stage in Vista, CA.

The rows of seats are surrounded by grass areas to picnic or set up a lawn chairs so there was lots of room of little kids to get their wiggles out before and during the show. There were lots of kids in attendance so I knew it was going to get a great night for my kids!

My family loved Moonlight Stage Production's San Diego Professional Premiere of “All Shook Up". It's a new musical comedy, inspired by songs by Elvis Presley, about a guitar-playing, hip-swiveling roustabout who rides into a sle…

Gaslamp District Welcomes Filipino Cuisine

People often ask me how I discover the awesome places I visit to eat. Not only am I surrounded by like minded foodie friends and family, social media is one of my primary places to find yummy eats. Nothing gets me like an awesome Instagram post that starts my mouth watering - you know you've had the feeling!

When I came across an article, shared by several of my social media friends, by San Diego Eater entitled "Ocean Pacific Grille Intros Modern Filipino Food to the Gaslamp", I knew instantly it was a restaurant MUST. First because it is a business highlighting Filipino culture through cuisine which I believe is important to share with the mainstream, but also because I love Filipino food! Yes, I'm a bit biased since I am Filipino - but hey, I love my people!

The opening of Ocean Pacific Grille was a great parallel to the start of the San Diego Filipino Blogger Network of which I am a part of. One of the goals of the SDFBN is to encourage and share business to blogg…

Bon Appetit with Cafe Bagatelle and Bistro in San Diego

Caprese Bagette, Steak Frites, Quiche Lorraine - all words that bring me back to my visits to Paris. 
Not to mention, these dishes instantly make my mouth water.
On a recent visit to my kids usual haircut spot, I noticed a new cafe on the corner of the same strip mall. It's modern, chic look was very inviting and definitely caught my attention. Bagatelle Cafe and Bistro was calling my name!

Thanks owner Sylvie and the awesome team at Bagatelle Cafe and Bistro, the family and I were able to enjoy a wonderful summer lunch at the brand new restaurant. 
First of all, the ambiance inside the restaurant takes you away from the hustle and bustle of Miramar Road and allows you to enjoy a relaxing meal. The modern, chic decor and upbeat vibe is one you would expect in the more trendy areas in central San Diego. It is a welcome addition to the Miramar and Mira Mesa areas for sure!
The staff was super friendly which gave a welcoming feel to the restaurant. They were gracious to answer all o…