Disney Inside Out Mystery Blind Box Opening

Like many kids nowadays, my boys are obsessed with toy review videos on YouTube. Jelo and DJ have insisted on doing toy reviews for a long time now so I promised them we'd get started on toy reviews this summer.

My newly minted 5 year old DJ received an Amazon Gift Card for his birthday so he immediately wanted to buy the hottest item on all the toy reviews sights right now - blind boxes. These mystery boxes come in different themes and characters. Since we just saw Inside Out yesterday he wanted to buy mystery boxes with the characters.

Now, yes we watched the movie yesterday and ordered these toys today. Thanks to Amazon Prime we were able to score same day shipping so the toys arrived the same day. I LOVE AMAZON PRIME's SAME DAY SHIPPING!

Earlier this week, I was shopping for a paper shredder. I went to Office Depot and was disappointed in the prices and selection. I came home ordered an awesomely priced, quality paper shredder and within a few hours it was delivered to my door thanks to Amazon Prime! I swear it's magic!

Back to my boys and their Inside Out Mystery Toy Box Review!

These mystery minis are very hard to find in stores. I didn't even bother trying. With a Amazon Prime and their speedy shipping, finding these Disney Inside Out Mystery Minis was super easy!