Bite into the Grilled Cheese Goodness at Boudin SF

Who would've thought a visit to my local Boudin SF would've turned into a science lesson?

When Chef Skverky said Lactobacillus Sanfranciscensis is what gave Boudin's bread it's unique sourdough flavor, I thought he was joking. Sanfranciscensis = San Francisco. But no, he wasn't joking. Lactobacillus Sanfranciscensis is a kind of lactic acid bacteria that can only be found in San Francisco, thus giving Boudin's origins in San Francisco a new meaning. 

I've always loved sourdough bread, especially the unique flavor of the Boudin sourdough. Now I know what gives Boudin its one-of-a-kind flavor: Lactobacillus Sanfranciscensis

Chef Skverky was super to excited to share with my blogger friends and I the new grilled cheese menu items featured on the Boudin SF menu. He shared that it is his goal, as well as all Boudin restaurants, to have the first bite is as good as the last bite. 

Chef chatting it up with hubby
Hubby, my kids, and I were able to bite, bite, bite through all the yummy grilled cheese variations.

Havarti & sharp cheddar melted to perfection, Parmesan-crusted sliced sourdough

Brie, Havarti, sliced apples, fig jam, Parmesan-crusted multigrain bread

Cheddar Cheese on Jalapeño cheddar loaf

So, which one was my favorite? It is hard to choose. They were all very delicious! The Great Grilled Cheese is a classic with its warm goodness. I can see myself craving the sweet and savory flavors of the brie and apple grilled cheese. But the jalapeño grilled cheese appealed to my love of all things spicy. Depending on my mood and cravings, I could see all of these on my plate!

But if I had to choose one...

Be sure to stop by your local SF Boudin soon. Some of the grilled cheese menu items are seasonal so you don't want to miss a bite! Click the logo below for a coupon for a FREE Kids Meal with purchase of a regular grilled cheese sandwich! Take the kids and enjoy!

Thanks so much to Boudin SF Balboa Mesa for being a great host to my family and I. My kids had a blast interacting with the other kids and doing the fun activities. Visit Boudin SF Balboa Mesa's Facebook page for specifics on their location. 

Disclaimer: My family and I received promotional items in exchange for event coverage on this blog and other social media channels. All opinions are mine. 

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