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Giving Young People a Reason to Survive

In my job as a high school counselor, I am able to learn about awesome programs and resources for young people in San Diego county. Recently, a few of my colleagues and I were able to visit ARTS: A Reason To Survivelocated in National City, CA. ARTS is a community center where students ages 3 to 23 can come to foster their interests in the arts.

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Calling all Future Engineers!

This past weekend, my husband and I took our boys  to check out Build It Workshop in Carlsbad, California! 
We had so much fun! 
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DeBoudoir and I

I've come across "boudoir" advertisements, blog posts, and Groupon deals for a while now and I've always been interested. I always wondered what it would be like to take "sexy" pictures. Would my pictures look good since I'm of the "plus-size" variety? Would it be fun? Would it feel "dirty"? 
So, a few weeks ago, one of my friends sent me a Groupon deal for De Boudoir in Carlsbad. It was a deal too good to pass up! $300 sitting fee and $159 digital image all for only $39! I was in! I bought the Groupon and booked my appointment withing minutes of receiving that email! 
I took my pictures two days ago and I was able to see my pictures today! My entire photo session took about 3 hours: outfit shopping, makeup, and the actual shoot. The ladies at DeBoudoir took their time in helping me choose the right outfits, took their time making me look extra special with the makeup, and definitely took the time during the actual photo shoot. The …

San Diego Moms' Night Out Does it Again!

I'm addicted! This has been my second San Diego Moms' Night Out and I just loved it! These events have such a great vibe of hard-working mommies enjoying a night they well-deserve!

I loved the venue! Humphreys Restaurant was an awesome host! The live music was a great background to the beautiful dining room! The staff kept the drinks flowing and the food coming! They were super nice and spoiled me with their hospitality!

I loved the food! It was just delish! Bacon grilled cheese, chicken roulade, and pesto lime shrimp made my tummy happy! The brittle and truffles covered the dessert table. It was irresistible!

I loved the wine! Flight wine was a great sponsor and treated all the mommies to white and the red the entire night! My glass was never empty!

Lastly, I loved the company! I was able to meet the great ladies I shared being the invite committee with! You all are awesome ladies and I have a lot to learn from you all! I'm honored to be included! The night I shared with …

Recycling Is A Beautiful Thing In California

Growing up I remember collecting recyclables around the house as one of my chores. My little brother and I would collect aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and newspaper for weeks with the anticipation of the visit to the recycling center. I remember loading large trash bags full of recyclables into our family mini-van and the large conveyor belt at the recycling center that would dump the aluminum cans into a huge receptacle. We would take the receipt to the attendant at the little window where we exchanged the receipt for cash. My brother, who is 10 years younger, and I would split our earnings. When he was younger, splitting would mean giving him two one-dollar bills and me two five-dollar bills. He didn't know the difference! But as he got older, he realized my dad and I were short-changing him, literally!

Just recently, one of my co-workers was sharing a story of visiting some relatives in New York. They had had a small family gathering with lots of soda cans and beer bottles b…

I can't believe he's FIVE!

My first born, Jelo, is five years old. If you don't know yet, Jelo is not his real name. His name is Julian Angelo. We took the "J" from Julian and the "-elo" from Angelo to come up with his nickname "Jelo". Cute, I know! I can't take credit, it was my husbands idea!

Last weekend we celebrated my son's birthday at Disneyland. He's been to Disneyland lots of times but we've been on a break from our annual pass for about a year and a half up until last weekend. Jelo was so excited to return to Disneyland for some fun. He was disappointed his favorite ride "It's a Small World" was closed for renovations, but that disappointment quickly vanished when we realized he was tall enough for "Splash Mountain. Even I was taken surprise by this one! Jelo is short, just like his mommy. Even when he was in my tummy, his limbs were always a bit shorter than where they were supposed to be that those measurement months.

When he and I…