Sunday, March 24, 2013

Giving Young People a Reason to Survive

In my job as a high school counselor, I am able to learn about awesome programs and resources for young people in San Diego county. Recently, a few of my colleagues and I were able to visit ARTS: A Reason To Survive located in National City, CA. ARTS is a community center where students ages 3 to 23 can come to foster their interests in the arts.

Read more about what ARTS has to offer in my full article on San Diego Moms Blog

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Calling all Future Engineers!

This past weekend, my husband and I took our boys 
to check out Build It Workshop in Carlsbad, California! 

We had so much fun! 

Check out my complete blog post about it on San Diego Moms Blog!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DeBoudoir and I

I've come across "boudoir" advertisements, blog posts, and Groupon deals for a while now and I've always been interested. I always wondered what it would be like to take "sexy" pictures. Would my pictures look good since I'm of the "plus-size" variety? Would it be fun? Would it feel "dirty"? 

So, a few weeks ago, one of my friends sent me a Groupon deal for De Boudoir in Carlsbad. It was a deal too good to pass up! $300 sitting fee and $159 digital image all for only $39! I was in! I bought the Groupon and booked my appointment withing minutes of receiving that email! 

I took my pictures two days ago and I was able to see my pictures today! My entire photo session took about 3 hours: outfit shopping, makeup, and the actual shoot. The ladies at DeBoudoir took their time in helping me choose the right outfits, took their time making me look extra special with the makeup, and definitely took the time during the actual photo shoot. The time flew - I had so much fun!

Here I am getting my makeup done with some of the outfits available for purchase.

Now, I'm not a skinny minnie! I'm a size 14-16, 4'11" in height so I'm not your long legged skinny model type - not in the least! But when I first looked at my pictures, I was in awe! They were beautiful! The pictures on their website do not lie! You're pictures will look even more beautiful than what you see! DeBoudoir definitely highlighted my features and hid my flaws beautifully!  I loved all my pictures! In the pictures, I look like the women in magazines! I've never had pictures like that, not even on my wedding day!  

I did this photoshoot for me, to feel good about myself, and to know that I'm a sexy lady even if I'm not a skinny minnie! This is definitely one of the most extreme diversions I've shared on my blog! The entire experience has felt me with a new sense of confidence, heightened self-esteem, and an overall good feeling about myself! It was all very empowering. For those three hours, I was pampered and made beautiful. I forgot all about my dirty house, my demanding job, and all the other daily tasks I deal with on a daily basis. I recommend this to ANYONE and EVERYONE! It was a wonderful experience!

A special thanks for my awesome friend Joyce, who shared the Groupon and came with me during my photo shoot and photo consultation! She puts up with all my crazy ideas! Love ya girl!

Here are my tips:
*Wait for a Groupon or Living Social Deal - to get the most value, get the deal that has add-ons like make-up, digitial image, and/or corset included. This will save you a significant amount of money. 
*I would recommend getting your makeup done at DeBoudoir because they know what looks best in front of the camera. But if you know how to do makeup (or know someone who does), do it yourself, you'll save $$
*DeBoudoir has LOTS of outfits to choose from for purchase. If you have your own sexy lingerie, bring them! You can change up to four times during your shoot so bring lingerie that are different styles and colors. The photographer does a great job in "setting the scene" with your chosen outfits. 
*If you've never done this, its very uncomfortable at first but you get into it! Trust the photographer, relax, and have a good time! My body is a bit sore from arching my back and popping my booty (actual words from the photographer) for holding poses for the perfect shots. If it feels like your straining and if the pose hurts, your creating good pictures! The photographer guides you through the entire process.She'll model the poses she wants you to do. Just go with it, you'll love the end product!
*Be ready to love ALL your pictures and be ready to figure our how you'll pay for it all. The pictures are pricey but you get the digital files and you can do whatever you want with them which is different from other studios where you have to order the prints from them. The installment plans are convenient but you won't get your pictures until you've paid your balance. The pictures are definitely an investment!

Do you see yourself doing a "boudoir" photo shoot? Give it a chance! I know you'll love it!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

San Diego Moms' Night Out Does it Again!

I'm addicted! This has been my second San Diego Moms' Night Out and I just loved it! These events have such a great vibe of hard-working mommies enjoying a night they well-deserve!

I loved the venue! Humphreys Restaurant was an awesome host! The live music was a great background to the beautiful dining room! The staff kept the drinks flowing and the food coming! They were super nice and spoiled me with their hospitality!

I loved the food! It was just delish! Bacon grilled cheese, chicken roulade, and pesto lime shrimp made my tummy happy! The brittle and truffles covered the dessert table. It was irresistible!

I loved the wine! Flight wine was a great sponsor and treated all the mommies to white and the red the entire night! My glass was never empty!

Lastly, I loved the company! I was able to meet the great ladies I shared being the invite committee with! You all are awesome ladies and I have a lot to learn from you all! I'm honored to be included! The night I shared with my co-workers and my cousin who are lovely ladies! It was great to have a few hours to just relax and enjoy each others' company.

Thanks San Diego Moms' Night Out for another awesome event! I can't wait for the next one!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Recycling Is A Beautiful Thing In California

Growing up I remember collecting recyclables around the house as one of my chores. My little brother and I would collect aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and newspaper for weeks with the anticipation of the visit to the recycling center. I remember loading large trash bags full of recyclables into our family mini-van and the large conveyor belt at the recycling center that would dump the aluminum cans into a huge receptacle. We would take the receipt to the attendant at the little window where we exchanged the receipt for cash. My brother, who is 10 years younger, and I would split our earnings. When he was younger, splitting would mean giving him two one-dollar bills and me two five-dollar bills. He didn't know the difference! But as he got older, he realized my dad and I were short-changing him, literally!

Just recently, one of my co-workers was sharing a story of visiting some relatives in New York. They had had a small family gathering with lots of soda cans and beer bottles being dumped into the trash can along with all the other trash. She then turned to her aunt and asked, "Where is your recycling bin?". Her aunt just giggled and said "Oh, my California girl!" and ignored the 'recycling bin' question. This is when I realized recycling is not common practice in many parts of the United States. U.S. plastic beverage bottle recycling rates are only at about 30%.  Even though a package says it is “100% recycleABLE”, that does not mean it is made with recyclED plastic.  It just means it CAN BE recycled.  In fact, most containers are not made of recycled plastic.

In California recycling is part of daily life. There are recycling bins at the mall, in classrooms, at bus stops, parks, and in most every home. Most home trash pick-up service includes a separate recycling bin for its own pick-up also. I have also used self-serve recycling redemption machines where you feed your aluminum cans into a machine and cash gets dispensed when you're done! Yet, 2.8 Billion plastic bottles still ended up in California landfills.

Thanks to Arrowhead Water and their efforts to increase awareness about the importance of recycling, I'm able to share this message with you today! Recycling is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways we can all help the environment. It’s Arrowhead's goal to continue increasing the use of recycled materials in their bottles, but they need everyone’s help. Currently, there isn't enough recycled plastic available for Arrowhead to make 100% rPET bottles. Recycled plastic is simply a better source of plastic. It’s part of Arrowhead’s ongoing commitment to preserving our natural springs, and ensures that every bit of Arrowhead, both inside and out, is truly Born Better.

It is my goal to continue to create a culture of recycling in my home to allow my kids to have their own recycling stories to their with their own children one day! How do you make recycling a part of your family’s routine?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I can't believe he's FIVE!

My first born, Jelo, is five years old. If you don't know yet, Jelo is not his real name. His name is Julian Angelo. We took the "J" from Julian and the "-elo" from Angelo to come up with his nickname "Jelo". Cute, I know! I can't take credit, it was my husbands idea!

Last weekend we celebrated my son's birthday at Disneyland. He's been to Disneyland lots of times but we've been on a break from our annual pass for about a year and a half up until last weekend. Jelo was so excited to return to Disneyland for some fun. He was disappointed his favorite ride "It's a Small World" was closed for renovations, but that disappointment quickly vanished when we realized he was tall enough for "Splash Mountain. Even I was taken surprise by this one! Jelo is short, just like his mommy. Even when he was in my tummy, his limbs were always a bit shorter than where they were supposed to be that those measurement months.

When he and I got on Splash Mountain, I was in fear he'd freak out half way through the ride and become traumatized by the experience. He's never been on a thrill ride before this. I was obviously 100 times more nervous than he was because he had his hands up in the air most of the ride while I had my hands tightly gripped around his waist. As we went down the two-story drop at the end of ride, the screamed with joy and was giggling non-stop at the bottom of the drop. I signed a breath of relief he was OK.

Jelo and daddy got on Space Mountain also that day. I stayed with baby DJ as he napped. I waited the 40 minutes or so while they stood in line and got on the ride. Again, I was nervous. This ride was a real roller coaster with the seats with the thingy that goes over your head to make sure you don't fall out. I was wondering if he was scared, might he throw up, was it too dark. As these thoughts were running through my mind, I hear Jelo running towards me yelling, "Mommy! That was super awesome!!!". He was OK and loving it all!

That day, not only did my first born turn 5 years old, he officially became a big boy. I realized he is now in another season in his life where he is becoming more independent and becoming his own person. He is braver than I had thought. He is as smart as I always hoped he'd be. He is handsome, loving, and kind, like his daddy. When he says "Mommy, I love you as high high high high high high as the trees" and hugs me tight it melts my heart. He can have a temper at times and be a bit stubborn, like his mommy. He loves electronics so much that even he has his own tablet, he designs his own out of paper and markers with his own made-up apps. He loves to write, leaving his notes and doodles all over the house. He loves to listen to KidsBop and One Direction. He would watch Disney Jr. all day if we let him. He's an awesome big brother who says "brothers always stick together". He's an wonderful little man who I love so very much!

Jelo's 5th birthday was definitely a highlight of my February! I can't believe 2013 is going by so fast! It's March already! I hope some the Bloggy Moms will enjoy the Jelo's birthday story! Check out the blog hop below!

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