DeBoudoir and I

I've come across "boudoir" advertisements, blog posts, and Groupon deals for a while now and I've always been interested. I always wondered what it would be like to take "sexy" pictures. Would my pictures look good since I'm of the "plus-size" variety? Would it be fun? Would it feel "dirty"? 

So, a few weeks ago, one of my friends sent me a Groupon deal for De Boudoir in Carlsbad. It was a deal too good to pass up! $300 sitting fee and $159 digital image all for only $39! I was in! I bought the Groupon and booked my appointment withing minutes of receiving that email! 

I took my pictures two days ago and I was able to see my pictures today! My entire photo session took about 3 hours: outfit shopping, makeup, and the actual shoot. The ladies at DeBoudoir took their time in helping me choose the right outfits, took their time making me look extra special with the makeup, and definitely took the time during the actual photo shoot. The time flew - I had so much fun!

Here I am getting my makeup done with some of the outfits available for purchase.

Now, I'm not a skinny minnie! I'm a size 14-16, 4'11" in height so I'm not your long legged skinny model type - not in the least! But when I first looked at my pictures, I was in awe! They were beautiful! The pictures on their website do not lie! You're pictures will look even more beautiful than what you see! DeBoudoir definitely highlighted my features and hid my flaws beautifully!  I loved all my pictures! In the pictures, I look like the women in magazines! I've never had pictures like that, not even on my wedding day!  

I did this photoshoot for me, to feel good about myself, and to know that I'm a sexy lady even if I'm not a skinny minnie! This is definitely one of the most extreme diversions I've shared on my blog! The entire experience has felt me with a new sense of confidence, heightened self-esteem, and an overall good feeling about myself! It was all very empowering. For those three hours, I was pampered and made beautiful. I forgot all about my dirty house, my demanding job, and all the other daily tasks I deal with on a daily basis. I recommend this to ANYONE and EVERYONE! It was a wonderful experience!

A special thanks for my awesome friend Joyce, who shared the Groupon and came with me during my photo shoot and photo consultation! She puts up with all my crazy ideas! Love ya girl!

Here are my tips:
*Wait for a Groupon or Living Social Deal - to get the most value, get the deal that has add-ons like make-up, digitial image, and/or corset included. This will save you a significant amount of money. 
*I would recommend getting your makeup done at DeBoudoir because they know what looks best in front of the camera. But if you know how to do makeup (or know someone who does), do it yourself, you'll save $$
*DeBoudoir has LOTS of outfits to choose from for purchase. If you have your own sexy lingerie, bring them! You can change up to four times during your shoot so bring lingerie that are different styles and colors. The photographer does a great job in "setting the scene" with your chosen outfits. 
*If you've never done this, its very uncomfortable at first but you get into it! Trust the photographer, relax, and have a good time! My body is a bit sore from arching my back and popping my booty (actual words from the photographer) for holding poses for the perfect shots. If it feels like your straining and if the pose hurts, your creating good pictures! The photographer guides you through the entire process.She'll model the poses she wants you to do. Just go with it, you'll love the end product!
*Be ready to love ALL your pictures and be ready to figure our how you'll pay for it all. The pictures are pricey but you get the digital files and you can do whatever you want with them which is different from other studios where you have to order the prints from them. The installment plans are convenient but you won't get your pictures until you've paid your balance. The pictures are definitely an investment!

Do you see yourself doing a "boudoir" photo shoot? Give it a chance! I know you'll love it!