Day Two: San Luis Obispo Family Vacation

After Day One: San Luis Obispo Family Vacation, we were ready to take on the day with lots of sightseeing!

We first stopped at Pismo Beach Pier for a short walk and people watching. Our kids loved watching the surfers while standing on the pier.
Here are our friends, Joyce and Mikey, who joined us for our family vacay!
Pismo Beach Pier
The Luffa Farm was a curiosity from the tourist magazines we picked up from the lobby of our hotel. Our visit was VERY informative. Our boys were very attentive during our tour of the farm. We even took a few souvenirs home to share with family!

Before lunch, we explored the Arroyo Grande Suspension Bridge. Our boys were not scared at all running back and forth on the swaying bridge. At the opposite end of the bridge was the Santa Manuela School House and The Barn Museum which was another great learning experience for our boys.

We then browsed the antique shops in Downtown Arroyo Grande, then had lunch at Old Village Grill. For dessert we headed to Doc Bernsteins Ice Cream Lab were I had the yummiest "Elvis" nice cream: banana and peanut butter. So yum! My husband had a merlot wine, dark chocolate ice cream which tasted like black cherry ice cream, but sooooo much better!

The Farmers Market was on our way back to the car where our boys found some strawberries they ate up right away!

During our drive around town, there were lots of wineries to visit. We ended up at Laetitia Winery to put up our feet a bit and enjoy some wine!

To end our night, we enjoyed some local brews and yummy eats at SLO Brewing Company.

Visit again tomorrow for day three and four of our fun in San Luis Obispo!