Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Baking from the Heart with Mountain High Yoghurt

Baking is one of my favorite pastimes. Baking turns my mind off from my daily stresses. I zone out and completely focus on the yummy baked good I'm making. I do not get to bake too often anymore but when I do, it's usually for a special occasion of someone who is dear to my heart. 

For my grandma's birthday, she had a special request for lemon cupcakes. It was my pleasure to make them for her!

Here I am with her and her cupcake display!

I'm always on the lookout on ways I can make my baking more healthy. Did you know you can use Mountain High Yoghurt as a substitute for sour cream, mayonnaise or butter? I've used Mountain High Yoghurt to make my favorite recipes healthy and delicious. For instance, you can use it in things like muffins and cookies for an amazing, moist texture!

My little guy knows this makes his mommy's cupcakes extra yummy!

Grandma loved her cupcakes so much, I know you'd enjoy them also!

Lemoncello Vanilla Cupcakes
18 TBSP ( 2 ¼ sticks) unsalted butter at room temp
3 cups sugar
6 large eggs at room temp
1 cup Mountain High Vanilla Yoghurt
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup buttermilk
3 cups all purpose flour
1/3 cup cornstarch
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
2 tblsp Limoncello
Lemon zest of one lemon

Glaze: 1/4 lb butter, 1 cup sugar, 1/4 cup limoncello

Heat oven to 350. Cream butter and sugar on high until light and fluffy. On med speed, add 2 eggs at a time. Then add sourcream, buttermilk, vanilla, and lemon zest. Scrape down sides of bowl.

Sift dry ingredients and add slowly to wet mixture. Bake in oven 20-25 minutes until the top is golden brown. COOL COMPLETELY. Using a pastry brush, glaze the top of each cupcake with the prepared glaze.

Cream Cheese Frosting
2 8-oz packages of cream cheese
2 sticks of butter
1.5 cups of powdered sugar
1 tsp of vanilla extract
Cream butter, cream cheese, and vanilla until fluffy and slowly add powdered sugar until well combined.

Yes, my cupcakes have a little booze in them (smiley face)! Once upon a time, a good friend and I tried to start a cupcake business but our careers as educators took the front seat. If you want to see the yummies we've made in the past, check out

A fun factoid: Why Does Mountain High Yoghurt spell it "yogHurt"? Yoghurt or Yogurt–both spellings can be found in the dictionary. “Yoghurt” is more similar to how the word is spelled in many European countries. Since it was first produced back in the 1970s, Mountain High Yoghurt has been made the Old World way (it slowly turns into yoghurt while sitting in the cup) so our founders spelled yoghurt with an “h.” Today we consider the “h” stands for healthy lifestyle or for the hundreds of ways you can use Mountain High Yoghurt to add nutrition to any recipe or meal!

Mountain High Yoghurt definitely adds something special to my cupcakes!

For more recipe ideas to use Mountain High Yoghurt, make sure you visit my Pinterest Board!

I received compensation for this blog post. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Be comfortable in Your Own Skin with Citrus Clear

Invigorating, uplifting, and inspiring are citrus scents to me. I'm always on the look-out for products that can moisturize my dry, sensitive skin, but at the same time have the wonderful citrus scents that give me energy and make me happy!

I have found new favorites in the Citrus Clear product line.

Citrus Clear has a unique holistic approach using citrus ingredients to provide premium, concentrated skin care. We are an evolving company that will continue to focus on ensuring our products are naturally based, eco-friendly, and, sustainable. This is our way of life. We believe in awareness of others, our environment, and, the collective nature of human beings.

I love that the products are organic, chemical-free, not tested on animals, and made in the USA!

When doing my face cleansing routine, I start with the Gentle Cleanser in Natural Tahitian Lime. It contains a mix of gentle organic citrus ingredients which are recommended for those with sensitive skin, to keep skin in balance, clean and fresh. Sensitive skin types need a sensitive cleanser. Formulated to remove excess oil without overs stripping your face of its delicate balance.

Next is the Tangerine Tingle. The Tangerine Tingle does exactly what it says. When I put it on my face, it smells like a smashed tangerines all over my face. It smells lovely. And yes, it does tingle! Within seconds on your face, you can feel it at work. It works to exfoliate by removing dead skins cells, as well as stimulate the growth of new skin cells. My face feels brand new when I wash the Tangerine Tingle off. 

Lastly, I use the Sensitive Moisturizer in Pink Grapefruit. The organic ingredients in this moisturizer make your skin feel soft and refreshed, not tight and or dry. The formula contains soothing botanicals, citrus ingredients, and powerful vitamins designed to gently balance facial skin tone.

I totally enjoy my Citrus Clear products and I know you will also!

Thanks to Citus Clear, one of my readers will be able to win one (1) of your favorite Citrus Clear products! Just enter below!

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Although I received sample products from Citrus Clear in exchange for this blog post, all opinions are mine. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Charm of National City

Thanks to KirE Builders and Synergy Communications, I was able to check out the new 8 On C housing development in my hometown of National City. Located just a few minutes from my childhood home, the modern homes are a wonderful addition to the community!

8 on C Avenue

The entrance to Homesite #2 - 1272 square feet, 3 beds, 2.4 baths, solar ready
A little wet from the rainy day!
Here is a video highlighting some of the property's features!

There were several aspects of the property I really liked. I liked the enclosed driveways and limited access to the individual garages. It creates an enclosed, secure, shared space within in the properties. I also liked the properties that has a bedroom on the street level. The bedroom could be made into an office with its own separate entrance which would be convenient for those who have a home based business. Lastly, all of the properties are solar ready which is definitely a plus with rising electric costs!

After checking out 8 on C, my friend Eleina and I decided to explore the area and reminisce of our days in National City growing up. Within 5 minutes walking distance from 8 on C are a few of National City's treasured spots!

We walked by the National City's Antique Row Homes built in 1887 and now serves as business and private space. There are over a dozen historical sites in National City since it's the 2nd oldest city in San Diego county. 

Since it was so close by, we had to grab some ice cream at Niederfranks Ice Cream which is definitely one of the must eats in National City! They have a Thai Tea Ice Cream which is heavenly!

Thanks to buddy Eleina for checking out 8 and C with me!
We also walked by McDini's, which has open since 1890. It's a great place to catch the game and also carries lots of the local craft beers!

On our way back to our car at 8 and C, we walked passed Big Ben Market and Restaurant which features locally grown produce and sustainably raised meats from local purveyors. There is also a restaurant attached serving from-scratch meals during lunch and dinner.
Big Ben Market

I'm delighted National City has the 8 on C housing development to welcome new families to the community. The new owners of these homes will also be pleased to live in the middle of the charm of National City!

Be sure to add yourself to the 8 On C Avenue Interest List, as well as follow/like KirE Builders on Facebook and Twitter.

For more details about the 8 on C housing development, please visit:

Although I received compensation for this post, all opinions are mine.

Friday, May 15, 2015

#FoodieFriday Flashback to Mothers Day

I was a bit anxious about making mothers day weekend restaurant reservations since all the yummy spots become booked weeks in advance. I called a few places only to find out there were no reservations available all weekend or they didn't accept breakfast reservations on weekends.

Fortunately, makes it super easy to find restaurants with reservations during your desired day and time. I put in Saturday morning and found a few dozen restaurants with breakfast spots open for a party of 7. I browsed the reviews, wiped my drool after looking at the yummy photos, and finally chose to have Mothers Day Eve breakfast at Harley Grey in Mission Hills.

Our party of 7 included my 94 year old grandma, my mom and dad, my hubby, my two kids, and myself.

I loved the openness of the restaurant. The windows were wide open which was great to enjoy the crisp, morning air we had after a day of rain.

Photo from

The menu was filled with yummies. It was hard to choose what to eat.

Dad had the Lobster Eggs Benedict. Kids had the pancakes, fruit, granola, and yogurt.

Grandma had the regular Eggs Benedict.

Mom and I had the macadamia nut banana pancakes.

Hubby had the breakfast Loco Moco. He ate it so fast, I didn't get a picture! It was THAT good!

Mothers Day Eve meal has become a tradition with my mom and grandma since I myself became a mother. It is such a blessing to have my sons experience three generations of moms who love them so very much!

Happy Belated Mothers Day to all my friends, family, and fellow mommy bloggers! Hope you had a wonderful weekend with those you love!

Monday, May 11, 2015

FAFSA Challenge

I love my counseling team for always jumping onto the fun projects I propose to them!

Here we are as crayons for Halloween!
A few months ago, a few of our counseling colleagues were sharing a video set by the First Lady Michelle Obama:

Our counseling team did our usual FAFSA Frenzy outreach during the months of January through March but this time took lots of pictures and videos to document the process. Sweetwater High has a senior class of over 550 students. Getting each and every one of them to complete the FAFSA is a huge task!

We also have a significant population of undocumented students, so we also support those students in completing the Dream Act (FAFSA equivalent) application.

We reached over 74% of our senior class this year for our FAFSA Frenzy drive which lead us up to the top of all high schools in the Sweetwater Union High School District.

I, experimenting with iMovie, came up with this to answer the First Lady's Challenge:

We entered the contest and patiently waited for the word if Michelle Obama would be visiting our graduation ceremony. Then this video was released:

We didn't win but Sweetwater High did get a second on the the video above! Look closely at 0.38! I squealed in delight when I saw my photo bomb in the video!

We even received this awesome letter from First Lady Michelle Obama herself!

Have a told you I love being a school counselor?!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

8 on C in the Heart of National City

National City, a community in South San Diego, has always had a special place in my heart. Having been raised in National City, and now working in my alma mater of Sweetwater High School in the same city, I've grown to appreciate the rich history, the diversity of culture, and the overall small town feeling National City has to offer. 

Whether it is the historical side with the Victorian homes found all over the city, the cultural side with the variety of cuisine to be found, or the recreational side of Bay Marina Drive or the National City Golf Course, there is much to see and do in National City. 

KirE Builders is proud to present their newest development in the heart of National City; 8 On C Avenue! Priced from the $300,000's and sitting only miles from San Diego’s coastal areas, Naval Bases, and the downtown community, these eight stylish and modern row homes create the perfect setting for modern living.

For floor plans and details, visit

I would like to invite you and your family to the Grand Opening on Friday May 15th at 2pm. I'll see you there!

Be sure to follow/like KirE Builders on Twitter and Facebook  to get the latest updates on the 8 On C Avenue development.