Jump, Crawl, and Climb at Uptown Jungle

It’s that time of the year again! Summertime! 
I’m always looking for new places to take the kids to keep them busy and entertained.

Today we were able to check out Uptown Jungle in near by city Santee. Uptown Jungle is a multi-level trampoline park. The fun includes a kid's playground with play structure mazes, climbing walls, and warrior courses all designed to be climbed on, raced through, hung from, slid down, zipped across, jumped over and explored! I couldn’t keep up with my boys!

The air conditioned facility is designed specifically for children and adults to play together, and a tot area for children under 5. My favorite part was the separate adult area complete with leather furniture, flat screen T.V.'s, wifi, and massage chairs. Yes, massage chairs!

Thank goodness there’s a snack bar bar because my kids totally worked up an appetite and needed some “fuel” to keep playing.

Check out our fun here:

After chatting with general manager Ricky, I learned that Uptown Jungle…

#ToyStory4 Thumbs Up for a Great Ending

Pixar, you've done it again! I laughed and I cried along with my boys, hubby included. 
We loved Toy Story 4. We hope you will too! 
Here's our review, straight out of the theater:

#ToyStory4 in theaters June 21
Disclaimer: We received complimentary press passes in exchange for this blog post and social media shares. All opinions are mine. 

Make Your Voice Heard

This speech has been on my mind the last few days because the work of school counseling is mentioned. It hits really close to home because the counselor mentioned is a dear colleague of mine. I’ve worked with her since our early start as educators in the late 1990’s.

I’m going to put my thoughts here. Not sure if it will make much sense. I felt the need to put my thoughts into the WWW to balance the comments on this viral story.

What this student says about my colleague, is something any of my students could also say about me. True or not, I could also be put on blast for “not being in my office” or “not returning phone calls”, along with a long list of other reasons why a student or parent may say I’m lacking in my skill as a school counselor. It’s a frightening, and somewhat sad, to know someone’s opinion of me could be broadcast like this - especially if it’s filled with half-truths, exaggerations, and taken out of context.

Yes, I’m not in my office all the time. In addition to me…

Love this mural on the side of our school's band room 🎵🎶 "In our hearts, SUHi lives" the last words of our alma mater 👹 Being an alumnus makes working here extra special ❤️


Ready for summer break from work to take time to reflect on how to tear down those walls! 🤔


Feeding America with Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Around this time every year, I’m chasing seniors who have not yet completed their community service hours required for graduation. Although they’ve been advised to start their hours early in high school with a particular type of service they have a passion in, many delay and wait for the last minute.

Now that my boys are older, I thought it was a good time to start getting involved in some kind of community service together as a family. I want our boys to learn the gift of charity and service. I hope through these types of activities, they find gratitude in the good gifts the Lord has blessed them with in their lives and to help share those gifts with others.

I looked into working with Feeding America to help volunteer in their warehouse, but the age requirement was still a bit older than the ages of my boys now.

Thankfully, we attended the Ministry Fair at our parish, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, here in San Diego. We came across the Feeding Families Ministry that works with Feeding Ame…