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How to Be Prepared for a Parent Conference

As a school counselor, parent conferences are always a indicator of the involvement, investment, and commitment a parent has to their child's education.

A student who does well in school has parents who are attentive and invested in their child's education. In an article on, it states "parental involvement in school life was more strongly associated with high academic performance."

One of the ways for a parent to be involved is to meet with their child's teacher and/or school counselor. In most elementary schools, teacher/parent conferences are routine and are built into the schedule of a school. Yet, in most middle schools and high schools, it's left to the parents to schedule their own conferences with teachers and/or counselors.

I always ask parents to please be patient if they are trying to schedule a meeting with their child's teachers and/or counselors.

Be advised the average school counselor ratio is 295-to-1. My ratio is 360-to-1. …

Visiting the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park

One of my favorite places in San Diego is Balboa Park. There is so much to do and see.

For Christmas, hubby bought us a year pass to the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park. It's been recently upgraded, renovated, and expanded so we were excited to have the next year to explore and enjoy the garden,

Tips for visiting the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park: Check Groupon for deals on an annual passStressed out? There are lots of quiet spots to sit and meditate. My favorite spot was at the bottom of the waterfall. You can sit in the shade under the awning of the Inamori Pavillion, listen to the waterfall, and watch the koi swim by. Plan for several visits throughout the year to see the foliage and flowers change with the seasons. Visit the website for special programs and events like a Tea Ceremony class or the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. 3rd Tuesday of the month the Japanese Friendship Garden is free for San Diego residents. Don't forget ALL the museums at Balbo…

Everything is Awesome at Legoland California

GUEST POST: Audrey Kramer is a stay at home mom of her daughter, E who is 2.5 years old and her fur baby, June Bug. She resides in San Diego, navigating life as a mom, military spouse, and that all so relatable friend who never truly has it all together, but somehow makes it through the day.
The minute I announced that we are going to Legoland, my child ran from one end of our apartment to the other yelling “Emmet, Batman, Lucy!” Just a few name drops from “The Lego Movie.” The excitement of Legoland is the equivalent that most have for Disneyland or Vegas. Having only been twice before, she knew what was in store for this adventure.

My two year old adores the park. Upon entering, the Lego Batman Movie was the main attraction. Children were parading around with Batman masks much like E was in the picture below as well as my much enthused man-child of a husband who also wore the mask proudly.


There was a staged area dedicated to a meet and greet…

What Makes a Dream Job?

Everyone has their dream job. Perhaps, for some, it's a fat paycheck and flexible hours. For others it might be the corner office with an ocean view. Being able to explore out-of-the-box ideas and explore ones creativity may be a draw for many.

Although I wouldn't describe my job as my "dream job" it comes pretty close. My paycheck isn't going to make me a millionaire but it allows for a comfortable life for my family. My work calendar follows the schedule of the school year with weekends, holidays, and summers off which I am grateful for it allows me to spend quality time with my family. Each day comes with it's unique challenges which allows me to be creative and flex my problem solving skills for the betterment of the students I serve. 
Yet, out of all of this, my dream job is being able to work with an awesome group of people who I consider my "work family". We act like siblings bickering at times, but having each others back when need be. We fi…