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DJ the Hip Hop Dancing Machine!

This past weekend was one of my most proudest moments as a mommy! Watching my 4 year old DJ dance in front of an audience for a few hundred people just had me beaming from ear to ear, not to mention a few tears of happiness in between!

For about a year now, DJ has found a love for dance. It started with him dancing along Just Dance videos on YouTube. Then we bought the actual game for our XBox.

Last Fall, DJ wanted to try taking a hip hop dance class so we we enrolled him into a beginning kids  hop hop dance class at Studio FX. When he started the class, I was a big nervous for him since he was the youngest in the class at 4 years old. DJ wasn't intimidated at all! He jumped right into the dance moves like a natural!

Because of a two week stay in the hospital back in October, DJ had to take a break from his dance classes. His illness is still not 100% diagnosed until today but it ranged from Kawasaki Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Appendicitis, bacterial infection, and etc. …