Blogger Life: How I Got Started

A few people have asked how I got started blogging. What's the perfect way to share my experience about blogging than writing an actual blog post about it! 

I had a Google Sites website i had maintained for a few years to share my family updates with  friends and family. It did its job but I wanted to do more. I then started following few bloggers around San Diego. They'd share the fun things they do with their families, their favorite things, events in and around San Diego, as well as delicious recipes I tried out myself. I thought I too could give blogging a try to share the fun things I do with the ones I love! So, my blog began.

I played around with Blogger to design my blog site. It took lots of trial and error along with reading lots of tutorials online. I've changed the layout a few times so it's safe to say, my blog is "still under construction". It's not perfect but it'll do for now!

I started following a few San Diego bloggers on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I followed who they follow, I subscribed and joined the websites they worked with, and engaged in online conversations with them as they promoted products and events. They were always very nice and shared with me opportunities to explore being a blogger.

Some of the bloggers I've followed include:

Slowly over the past three years, I've built an online following as well. I don't have thousands of followers like some of my "online mentors" do, but I'm happy with my small following :) Most of my loyal followers are my friends, family, and acquaintances I've made through my personal relationships and my work as an educator.

I've learned so much from the network of mom bloggers in San Diego. Their Facebook page San Diego Moms Blogger FB page is so helpful in sharing resources, opportunities, and overall support for the mommy blogging community in San Diego.

 Lots of people ask, "When do you have to time to blog?" I find blogging to be a stress reliever for me. I'm able to channel my energies to writing about the fun and happy times in my life. Blogging has also given me lots of opportunities to experience memorable times with my friends and family.

Through my work as a blogger, I've been able to attend lots of fun events, try new products, eat yummy food, and all kinds of fun stuff all complimentary through social media promotion.

A few include:
San Diego Moms Night Out 

I've been featured on a few blogs:
I've received a complimentary products to review. A few include:
Keurig 2.0

Some of the restaurants I've been invited to include:
California Pizza Kitchen

I've been paid to tweet, Facebook, and blog post. A few examples are:
Pop Secret
Nestle Water

Some of the groups I work with that provide the opportunities above:
Mom Central
Everywhere Society

I share my experiences with you my reader in case you too have thought about being a blogger. I don't take myself too seriously when it comes to blogging. I enjoy doing it because it makes me happy - plain and simple. You might come across a few "hard core" bloggers out there with rules and norms to be a respected blogger - I don't pay too much attention to them. If you have thought about blogging, and you share your experiences from the heart and you are genuinely open to new experiences, you'll be great!

If you have questions, shoot me an email - I'd love to share with you what I know!

Happy Holidays from