Looking for Ideas for a Date Night?

For my last birthday, I had dragged my husband to take a painting class with me. Neither of us are "artists" to say the least. He always goes along with the random things I want to do to check off my "bucket list". Our "sunflower" painting masterpieces were a result of our first painting class together. My husband even got compliments from our teacher! At the end of it all, he said "This was fun! We should do this again!"

So, when I was chosen by La Jolla Mom and the Details Matter App to be a part of the 30 Dates in 30 Days project with a painting class with Wine and Canvas, my husband was all in!

Details Matter is the first app dedicated solely to sharing date ideas. Find different, creative, and unique date ideas by following what other local daters are posting. Return the favor by posting and sharing dates that you have discovered!

Our Wine and Canvas class was held at Cozumel's restaurant in La Jolla, CA. We were given a blank canvas, an apron, a few paint brushes, and a palette of paint. My husband and I, along with about 2 dozen other people, created "Moon Over River", a nighttime scene with a flowing river, shadows of trees, and a bright moon above it all.

For three hours, my husband and I turned ourselves off from our kids, our work, and the other things that keep us busy, day in and day out. It was just us, having fun! As we painted, we munched on yummy appetizers and sipped on cocktails. I had a delicious White Sangria and my husband had two "Cozy's on the Beach". With a drink in one hand and a paint brush in the other, we giggled at each other’s' paint strokes and techniques which were not exactly as the instructor had modeled.

The more we drank, the more confident artists we became! The blending of the paint to get the right colors and brush strokes came easy once the cocktails kicked in! The instructor explained everything in detail, encouraging us to channel our "inner artist".

Just like our first painting experience, "Moon Over River" turned out beautiful and much better than we expected! Thanks to Details Matter App and La Jolla Mom for a great date night with Wine and Canvas! My husband even won the raffle at the end of the night for another painting class! We can't wait for our next painting date to add to our growing art gallery!