Be a Total Woman!

We've all heard of five star hotels and restaurants, but a five star gym? A five star, women only gym? It is true and it is located right here in San Diego! Total Woman Gym and Spa in Mission Valley is the perfect gym for women!

Thanks to, I was able to visit Total Woman Gym and Spa a few days ago for the first time. As I walked in the door, I thought to myself "wow, this looks like a spa!". The soft colors, the mini boutique what greets you, and the welcoming reception area was very inviting.

The bottom floor is the workout area complete with cardio machines and strength training equipment. All the strength training equipment is specific to the size of a woman so it provides a more targeted workout.

At the top of the grand spiral staircase is an ab workout area, a pilates, and yoga room.

I was most curious about the the room filled with AeroPilates equipment! It looked like Mr. Grey's  "playroom"! I was advised one-on-one lessons in the Aero Pilates room is suggested before joining the group class!

Most especially on the second floor is the full service spa! Massages and facials along with a workout? Awesome!

Total Woman Gym and Spa offers a variety of group workout classes also! During my visit, I took the Zumba class taught by Fleeta! There was lots of hip shaking, booty popping, and arm waving! My favorite part was when "Gangnam Style" came on and we all did the popular dance! So much fun!
There are lots of different things packages for membership.

There is a kids room also that has lots of toys and activities to keep your kids occupied while you get your workout on!

The membership rate is $36 per month for straight gym, but if you want to add a spa service each month (massage or facial), only pay an extra $45 for that service!

Total Woman Gym and Spa would love to extend a special offer for my readers! They will offer a free day pass for any of my readers and 1/2-price enrollment fee (savings of $50) if you decide to join! Just ask for Rebecca and let her know that Lysa from sent you!