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Vlog #4 for 2018: My Kids

This past weekend was busy with kids activities so I decided to talk a little about my boys this week!

2018 Vlog #3: Let's Make Slime

Week three brings us SLIME!

What is it with this slime trend all the kids are into? 
Anyways, I gave into my son's begging to make slime! We used the book SLIME SORCERY by Adam Vandergrift. The book has several "recipes" for the slime. Some are even edible! The ingredients are simple and the steps super easy.

Our vlog highlights one of the super easy recipes with some fun add-ons to customize your slime. 
We hope you enjoy our slime making fun!

Disclaimer: We received a free copy of SLIME SORCERY by Adam Vandergrift for review. All opinions are mine. 

Vlog #2 for 2018: Back to Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

It's week two and I didn't flake! Yay!

Here's my 2nd blog for 2018 talking about returning to work after a three-week break with my tools to keep calm.

Here are some of the calming products I used:

Essential oil jewelry from:
*Thanks bestie Joyce and hubby Don for my Christmas presents!

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from:
This was in my www.FabFitFun box for this past Winter.

Thanks for watching!

Learn from the Superstars of the #CulinaryCouncil

Once upon a time, I loved to cook and bake. Lately the conveniences of local eateries and food delivery apps, I've been too lazy to cook!
I need some culinary inspiration for the new year! I need to rediscover the bliss of preparing a meal for my loved ones. How about you?

Join me January 14th at 1pm when culinary superstars Chef Michelle Bernstein and Chef Bill Kim will be sharing their expertise on how to start 2018 with some healthy and delicious recipes as part of Macy's Culinary Council. They'll be come food and drink to sample too! 

The live cooking demonstrations are FREE! To RSVP, please click here.
More information can be found here.
I attended a demo with Chef Nancy Silverton a few years ago and I learned so much. I'll always remember how she encouraged home chefs to "use your hands" to feel the food. Since then, I've used her technique to "massage your salad". 

Cheers to a new year! Hope to see you at Chef Michelle Bernstein and Chef …

First Installment of @LovelyLysa's 2018 Vlog Series

Happy new year friends and fam!

The new year has arrived with new goals and plans for 2018.

One of my goals for 2018 is to create a vlog each week. Wish me luck!

Check out my reflections on 2017 and goals for the new year on my first blog for 2018!

What are some topics I should talk about in my vlogs this year? Comment below!