Monday, July 25, 2016

GIVEAWAY >>> Let's Dance with Dance & Company!

If you love to dance, listen up!

Mira Mesa's own Dance & Company, co-owned by mother-daughter super team, Lisa Lewis and Katie Collins, will offer a series of free classes to current students, their families and the entire San Diego community in honor of their anniversary!

Dance & Company want to celebrate their anniversary by building awareness of the many benefits dance and fitness can provide to families. Dance & Company is passionate about promoting health and wellness for all ages through a variety of dance and fitness classes.

Come and celebrate with Dance & Company. Check Out the Anniversary Schedule Here

When: Monday, August 8 - Saturday, August 13, 2016.
The Location: Dance & Company Studio
6635 Flanders Drive, Suite D
San Diego, CA 92126

Everyone from the community and their families are invited. The week long festivities will end with a party Saturday, August 13 from 2-3 pm including a drawing, small bites, refreshments and treats from various sponsors.

Dance & Company offer classes for all ages and stages of dance, including adult dance and fitness classes. Children as young as 2 years old can participate. Here's your chance to check them out...


You can win a fitness punch card valued at $120 which covers a total of (10) adult-only classes with no expiration date. Dance & Company offers a variety of classes including, but not limited to Mat Pilates and Barre Body. You can see a list of all classes here. COMMENT below your favorite dance moves for a chance to win! Winner will be chosen August 13th!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

#3DSKidForADay at Nintendo World - Outside Comic Con Event 2016

In celebration of the New Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo is bringing iconic Nintendo worlds from Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong and more to life for you to enjoy this weekend at Nintendo World during Comic Con Weekend in San Diego!

We were able to get a sneak peak into the fun! There are lots of different stations to enjoy the new games on the New Nintendo 3DS XL.

There were games with characters I grew up with like Yoshi, Sonic, and of course Mario! 

Then there were games with characters my kids know from Yo-Kai Watch and Pokemon. 

There is also a game-show style, interactive video game station where you can compete against other Nintendo lovers!

At Nintendo World, you and your family will be able try out the portable kid-friendly gaming system, and interact with some of your favorite (and new!) Nintendo character! It's free! You do not need a Comic Con badge to check it out!

Visit the event website for more details on Nintendo World! We had a great time!

Disclaimer: My family and I received dinner and exclusive entry to Nintendo World in exchange for this blog post and social media shares. All opinions are mine. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

I Laughted So Hard, I Peed on Myself!

I don't know if this happens to you, but it happens to me. It's a bit embarrassing but I know many of you can relate! I laugh a little too hard or let out a really big sneeze and I'll pee on myself. Yes, it's gross but it happens. Don't judge me, I know it's happened to you too!

Reality is, one in three women (me included) experience Light Bladder Leakage (LBL). Yes, I pee on myself when coughing, sneezing, laughing or even exercise. I relied on feminine care products for a long time to take care of my leaks. I finally found the product specifically designed for LBL. No, these products are not just for elderly, let's get over that right now! Be honest with yourselves mamas, LBL is something we all deal with.

As the leader in the light incontinence category, Poise brand offers a variety of pads and liners to make it easy to find protection for every woman’s needs.

LBL became more frequent for me after I had my two boys. Baby Center shares that "The tissues and muscles that support your uterus (womb), bowel and bladder can become stretchier in pregnancy... These muscles and tissues are called your pelvic floor. When you gave birth to your baby, your pelvic floor muscles stretched even more, which will have further weakened them. Having a weak pelvic floor makes it harder for you to squeeze the muscles and sphincters at the bottom of your bladder". Thus, the LBL with my laughing and sneezing.

Poise® Liners and Poise® Pads are specifically designed for Light Bladder Leakage (LBL). Poise® incontinence liners and pads stay 3X drier than leading period-only liners. The absorb-loc® core quickly locks away wetness and odor, while the leak-block* sides provide discreet and worry-free protection.

Visit your local Sam’s Club® where you can purchase and experience Poise® products for yourself. Take advantage of the perks of being a Sam’s Club® member: the convenience of subscription services to Sam’s Club® prices and value packs, there’s no reason not to be a member!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Beautiful Summer Wedding: #TophNMarjTieTheKnot

A few months ago, my cousin asked if I could officiate his wedding. Of course I was honored, but I was a bit scared. Yes, I've emceed a few family events throughout the years and my job requires a bit of public speaking here and there, but officiating a wedding?! That's a whole new world for me!

Just as always, whenever my cousins ask me to do something for them, I put my "big sister" pants on and do the job!

Over the past few weeks, the couple and I have been working on their wedding ceremony script, putting all the details into the words and the symbolism of the parts of the ceremony. The pieces of the ceremony easily came together since all the words came from the heart.

The wedding was held at Saddlerock Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains in the city of Malibu. The outdoor venue was picturesque. The 360 degree views had vineyards to the east, the ocean to the west, and the "saddlerock" reminiscent of the red rocks of Sedona to the north. The long, green lawn of the ceremony ended with a rustic tree branch arch where I stood under during the ceremony.

Here's DJ exploring the venue the morning of the wedding

Before the ceremony began, I shared with all the guests present that the couple's wish was to make the ceremony "unplugged". I asked all the guests to please put away their cameras and cellphones in order to enjoy the moment with the couple, as well as allow the professional photographers to take the beautiful pictures they were hired to do. I also asked the guests to remind their neighbors to put away their camera if tempted to snap a quick stealth photo. Even with the announcements and signage, one of the guests couldn't resist taking a picture.

The ceremony was full of emotion and laughter. There were a few times my cousin choked up with emotion, tears in his eyes, and a lump in this throat. I had to give him a few moments to gather himself, give him a pat on the shoulder, and tell him he was doing great. During the vows, we'd take a few words at a time. Slowly and surely, he got through his speaking parts.

The funniest part of the ceremony, was when I had said the words "in sickness and in health" for Chris to repeat after me, but what he said was "in sex..." He caught himself and giggled. Marj giggled too. And the guests giggles followed. Chris was a bit embarrassed so I made a joke saying "Yes, we know that's on your mind, that'll happen later. He need to do this first." There were more giggles from the couple and the guests, which helped Chris feel better about his slip of words. =)

Overall, the ceremony definitely highlighted the love Chris and Marj share for each other, their families and friends, and their future children, as well as the love and blessings from GOD which has made their relationship strong.

Of course, the best part of the ceremony for me was when I said:

It is with my pleasure and love for you both, I now pronounce you HUSBAND AND WIFE. CHRISTOPHER, you may now kiss your BRIDE . 
I would like to introduce the happy couple - MR. AND MRS. CHRISTOPHER LUANSING

Cheers and hollers followed with lots of smiles and words of "congratulations" as the married couple walked down the aisle ending the ceremony.

At the end, I sighed a breath of relief of getting through officiating my first wedding. I was glad I didn't stumble over my words, nor pass out in the 90 degree weather. I took a huge drink of water and quickly found my way over to the cocktail hour! =) 

The rest of the wedding was awesome! 

Here are some highlights:

I'm the oldest of most of my first cousins here in the United States, most of my older cousins are in the Philippines. With my dad having 11 brothers and sisters, I have over 30 first cousins around the world. Pictured here at a few of my cousins, my brother, my son DJ, and my aunts. My cousins pictured here grew up with me as my little brothers and sisters. We spent summers together and have lots of stories to share. As they are all growing up, I'm thankful to God for blessing them so abundantly!

All the details put into this wedding was well thought out and perfectly executed. There were lots of friends and family working in the background making sure the day was perfect for Chris and Marj.

Confetti poppers at the new couple is introduced at the reception!

~The Violin Player~
This video doesn't do justice to the awesomeness of this violin player. She played classical, standards, R&B, and Hip Hop. All in heels, on a hill, looking sexy, in 90+ degree weather!

~The First Dance~

90's inspired first dance was the best first dance I've ever seen! I didn't know these two could dance so well!

Congrats to Chris and Marj on their wedding! Thanks for having DJ and I as part of your special day. It was truly an honor! I wish you both all the love and happiness you deserve!

Honeymoon dance and high fives with the groom
DJ and the beautiful bride, Marj

Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Foodie Adventures with Mom and Dad

My parents are totally loving their retirement. On the weekends, I'll find their Facebook posts outlining their "pasyal", as it's called in Filipino. Their last few weekend outings had them visiting Ronald Reagan's Presidential Museum, window shopping on Rodeo Drive, actual shopping at the new San Clemente outlets, or even trying their luck in Las Vegas.

For Father's Day, I wanted to treat my dad to a different kind of outing I knew they'd enjoy: food tour with Bite San Diego. Bite San Diego features the best walking tours in San Diego, which help locals and visitors alike explore the growing food scene of America’s Finest City via guided food walking tours. Bite San Diego offers tours in the neighborhoods of Pacific Beach, Encinitas, Little Italy, La Jolla, Coronado, and Liberty Station.

A few months ago, my hubby and I did a food tour of the San Diego neighborhood of Pacific Beach. It was great to learn about the area, as well try a few of their foodie highlights. I knew my parents would enjoy the experience as well!

I decided to take my parents on the La Jolla food tour with Bite San Diego since La Jolla is such a beautiful area with awesome views. With the weather being warm the last few weeks, I knew La Jolla would be cooler since it sits on the coast of San Diego.

During the tour, our guide, David, shared interesting history, insights and stories of not only the La Jolla area.

Our Bite San Diego tour of La Jolla brought us to:
  • Ohana Cafe – Hawaiian BBQ with traditional and Pacific fusion dishes (and shaved ice!)
  • Prospect Bar & Lounge – Fresh, trendy, and an enticingly tasteful restaurant overlooking Prospect Ave & the La Jolla cove.
  • Public House La Jolla – This secluded eatery covers everything from Kobe beef to fresh fish tacos, all paired with a GIANT beer list. Cheers!
  • We Olive and Wine Bar La Jolla – Divine dipping of the best olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and more from California and

The entire tour covered over two miles of walking and lasted about 3 hours.

Bite San Diego food tour really does provide "bites" and samples of what the business have to offer. Don't go on this food tour expecting more than just "bites". The samples are just enough to allow you to enjoy ALL the bites the tour has to offer without getting full. While enjoying the "bites" provided on your, you are welcome to order other items off the menu,  but be advised each restaurant stop is about 15-20 minutes long.

You can use discount code: LysaBITES and receive 15% OFF a regular priced tour ticket!

Bite San Diego was a great way to spend an afternoon with my parents, enjoying one of the neighborhoods in San Diego, savoring a variety of bites to eat, and at the same time getting some walking done while enjoying the fresh air.

Thank you Bite San Diego for a wonderful way to spend some quality time with my parents!

Disclaimer: My parents and I received complimentary food tour experience in exchange for this blog post and other social media shares. All opinions are mine.
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