San Diego County High School Counselor of the Year

It's been a crazy few weeks with stay at home orders due to Covid -19 and the transition to distance learning. Me as a school counselor and my kids both elementary students, have had to create new schedules at home to accommodate for our new way of life!

Just before Covid-19 hit, I was recognized by the San Diego County Office of Education. It was such a surprise! The principal had called me into the her office, very serious, saying there was a parent that wanted to meet with me regarding an issue that needed to be addressed immediately. When her office door opened, I was greeted with students and staff, district leadership, and county of education representatives with SURPRISE! I was shocked and overwhemlingly honored to have all these people in one room for me. 

I am very thankful for the recognition, yet I am only as good as the wonderful people I work with. Because of their support and collaboration, their encouragement, and leadership, I am
 able to do the good work of school counseling at my very own high school alma mater. 

Thank you so much to my dear friend and colleague Lora for writing about me on her blog! She's awesome!

Read all about it here:
Celebrating San Diego County's Inaugural Counselor of the Year, Lysabeth Luansing-Garcia!

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