Hello Kitty Grand Cafe

When I was little, it was always a highlight to visit the Sanrio store at Plaza Bonita. There was a certain smell of plastic and scented pens and pencils. Notebooks, purses, plushies, and more. I always begged my mom and dad to buy me the giant plushie that was displayed in the window, but I usually came away with a cute pen or pencil.

My love for Sanrio continues today, along with my friend Christine from 1st grade and her daughter, and my Goddaughter, C.

For C's birthday we went to have afternoon tea at the Hello Kitty Grand Cafe at the Irvine Spectrum Center.

The Hello Kitty Grand Cafe is by reservation only through the Yelp website or app. Don't confuse the "Hello Kitty Cafe" with the "Hello Kitty GRAND Cafe" which is inside the cafe, through a white door, guarded by a host, simply labeled with the signature Hello Kitty bow.

The host takes you through the door into the cutest cafe that seats no more than 30 people at a time.

$55 per person gets each person a choice of tea, strawberries and cream, and an assortment of pastries and finger foods.

C was loving the entire experience!

The Hello Kitty Grand Cafe also open for cocktail service in the evening, by reservation also.

My girlfriends and I have tried the cocktail service too, it's wonderful!

Visit Yelp a few weeks in advance to save your date!