Tandem Bike Ride Along San Diego's Embarcadero

Beautiful day for a bike ride here in San Diego!

We've walked by Fun Wheel Rentals dozens of times during our walks on the Embarcadero and have always planned on doing the tandem bike ride sometime.

We woke up this morning and realized it was a beautiful day but we didn't have any plans. So today was the day to do the tandem bike ride!

The tandem bike ride was a good idea at first until we realized our short legs couldn't reach the pedals. Daddy had to do most the work! We love you hubby!

Once Daddy and I got off, the boys had a much easier time pedalling! Ha!

The Embarcadero is one of our favorite spots to go on a walk. We start at Embarcadero south, behind the convention center. There is metered taking near the fishing pier. Then we walk along the boardwalk that takes you behind the convention center and the Marriott Marquis. If you continue walking you'll walk through Seaport Village and walk by the USS Midway, and Broadway Pier. We usually stop at the Waterfront Park and my boys run around the playground a bit before we walk back.

Cheers to Spring!