Food, Pride, and Love: A Conversation with Chef Tara

It has been an exciting year with the launch of The Filipino American Woman (TFAW). Being one of the first interviews for the project, it's an honor to be a part of this project to help extend its reach.

Being one of the founders of the Filipino American Blogger Network (FABNetwork), I am excited to share that we are collaborating with the passion project on an exciting endeavor for 2018. TFAW believes storytelling is a powerful and effective way of connecting with others, and the FABNetwork believes social media is the way to build those bridges.

The FABNetwork social media team has partnered with TFAW to celebrate Filipino American women by having conversations and sharing the stories of our mothers, sisters, mentors, colleagues, and friends. FABNetwork hopes to strengthen and build the connections between people and to remind each other of the important value of listening. FABNetwork is excited to continue the work of TFAW in creating an invaluable archive of stories for future generations.

To kick off our collaboration, I have interviewed one of my cousins, Tara. Tara's mom and my dad are 2 in a total of 12 siblings. Tara and I share over 30 first cousins. Many of us are very close, just like siblings. Tara is one of my cousins I truly consider an ading (younger sibling). She is someone I admire and am very proud of.

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