Book Review: The Birthday Rules: Critical Conversations to Have with Your Children

When I was pregnant, the book What to Expect When You are Expecting was my survival guide. During my first pregnancy in 2007, pregnancy apps were not what they are today, so "old-school" books was the way to go. Week-by-week the book helped me understand what was happening with my body, not to mention the workings of the little human growing inside me. 

As they say, babies don't come with instruction manuals, but there are many books to help with the first few years with a small child.

What about after that? Where's the instruction manual?

This book starts at age 6 and goes all the way to year 16, giving parents talking points for important topics for each age.

As I read through the book, I relived the past few years with my 9-year-old. Most of the topics I have had talks with him over the years like minding his manners at age 6, limits on screen time at age 7, issues with friends at age 8, and now the "bird and the bees" at age 9 (see my post here).

Parenting has not been easy. It's not easy to stick to routines when I'm exhausted from a days work. Sometimes I want to skip the routines of checking homework, the guiding my boys in helping set up and clean after dinner, postpone the showers, not check that the teeth are brushed, skip story time and prayers, and all that. But, I push through because I know my boys need the routines to learn responsibility. I believe parents model the behavior they want in their children. I've tried my best to do that.

I wish I had a copy of this book to give to all my future students' parents. The topics presented in the book are key to help support students in their emotional and social growth. Parents I work with, as their high school school counselor, are having issues with discipline, lack of responsibility or disrespect. I believe they missed the window to have the essential conversations during the critical ages of growing up presented in the book The Birthday Rules: Critical Conversations to Have with Your Children (Ages 6 to 16).

In my experience as a school counselor, parents are scared to have some of these discussions. They don't know how to start or what words to say. They are afraid of how their children will react. they are worried they won't have an answer when their child might have questions. I believe this book can be easily used by any parent. This book is a great guide to help parents start those important conversations. It is an easy, quick read where each chapter can be read together with a child literally at his or her birthday each year. 

Where can you get the book? There is a hardcover or Kindle version available on Amazon.com This would make a great stocking stuffer for friends and family who have small children. 

Thanks again Thanks to our friends over at Farrow PR for my copy of The Birthday Rules: Critical Conversations to Have with Your Children (Ages 6 to 16). All opinions are mine.