POPIN' COOKIN' Happy Kitchen Donut Making Kit - Unboxing and Taste Test

Do you kids love to play around in the kitchen? Mine do!

Check out the fun my boys had with the Popin' Cookin' Happy Kitchen donut making kit!

What is Popin' Cookin'?
I like to compare it to Easy Bake oven, without the oven. The box comes with everything you need, except the water you'll need for the mixes.  These Popin' Cookin' sets create mini cakes, donuts, sushi rolls (gummy candy, sushi rolls), and etc. It's lots of fun!

Where can you get your own Popin' Cookin' sets?
We got ours at our local Daiso Japan. For $3.50, it was totally worth it. The kids had a great time making their mini-donuts. 

No Daiso Japan near you? There are lots of Popin' Cookin' sets to be found on Amazon!

Here's a few videos when we tried Popin' Cookin' three years ago. My boys were so little!

Have you tried Popin' Cookin' before? What did you think? I'd love to read your thoughts in the comments below!