Girls Who Shoot Guns at The Range 702

What happens in Las Vegas, appears on!

Months ago, my friend Lora and I planned a trip to Las Vegas to attend the annual ConnectHer conference to learn how to better our blogging skills. Of course we had to plan some fun in-between our conference workshops. 

Yes, that is a pink camouflage gun in my hand along with our paper targets riddled with bullet holes.  

How did we end up there? Thanks to US Family Guide for always hooking it up with awesome blogger experiences. Lora and I were treated to an hour of gun fun at The Range 702

Lora and I have never shot guns before so we were a bit anxious for our first time. We must have looked like super noobs because the first thing the lady who helped us said was, "Is this your first time?" She was super nice, asked us lots of questions about our comfort level with the guns, and set us up with a "gentle" gun for our first time. I can't remember the name of the gun, neither the size of the bullets with my nerves and all. When I showed hubby the photos later, he said the gun and bullets were a step above a BB gun. So, Lora and I look it easy for our first try. 

After receiving all the information about how to handle the gun, everything was packed up in it's case and we were ushered to the shooting lane. There we were met with another very helpful and patient employee who taught us how to load the bullets into the gun, undo the safety latch (very important), and shoot towards the target. 

The folks in the lane next to us were shooting some really BIG, LOUD guns which made me more nervous. The sound of the big guns was much more powerful than I had imagined. I struggled a bit with the bullets but the folks next to us were super helpful too! But once I got the hang of it, I was shooting away. 

Faster than I had realized, I was out of bullets, my heart was racing, and I let out a big breath knowing I could cross off one more thing off my bucket list!

Tips for your first time at the shooting range:

1) Be prepared for the power of the sound of the guns. They do provide sound protection for your ears but the "boom" of guns is more than just the sound. For me, it raffled my bones and left me startled every time I heard the big "boom". 

2) Do a bit of research. Google "tips for the first time at the shooting range". I didn't so I was totally unprepared of what to ask for or what type of gun I could handle. I guess I could've asked more questions there, but with all the noise from the guns it was hard to gather my thoughts to ask the right questions, nonetheless hear what they were telling me. 

3) Wear closed toed shoes. Many of the people were wearing flip flops at the range. It was over 100 degrees in Las Vegas that weekend. The hot bullet shells fall on your feet so you don't want to be startled with the hot shells hitting your feet while having a gun in your hand. 
The Range 702 was the ultimate shooting experience. A one stop shop for all. They have a full retail store; firearms, accessories, holsters and ammunition. Educational classes; Intro to handguns, shotguns,  permits and many more. They even had "gun friendly" handbags!

They have a VIP Suite for birthday parties and events. During our visit, there was a bachelor party that came through. The staff was quick to take care of their party of over a dozen.

Visit to plan your shooting range experience!