Total Mom Makeover with The It Mom

Watch out now! Who is this sexy mama?!

This hot mama is an upgraded version of @LovelyLysa, compliments of The It Mom and Total Mom Makeover!
Wow, what an experience! It was such a treat to be one of 12 moms chosen to be part of season two of Total Mom Makeover!


Although my makeover happened a few weeks ago, my episode aired last night as the season premiere of season two! Check it out here:

Here is my reaction video viewing party with my two sons, featuring a cameo from sis-in-law Maria and hubby DonDon.

I love, love, love how the makeover video turned out. I absolutely love how it captures the essence of my daily routine. It shows the intimate quality time I share with my family, as well as the hectic days at work. It highlights my personality and allows me to share why this makeover was important to me. Not to mention, my boys were so excited to see themselves in the video!

How did I get to be a part of Total Mom Makeover?

Earlier this year, my friend Lora from received a Total Mom Makeover and was featured in season one. When the applications came out for season two, she encouraged me to apply. So, if you know me, I'm always down to take a chance to try something exciting so I completed my application and sent it off. In a short few weeks, I found out I was chosen to be part of the cast of season two in Las Vegas. I was excited, but nervous at the same time!

What was the makeover day like?

The day started off at Celebrity Cars in Las Vegas for breakfast and pre-makeover interviews and photos.

Next stop was the Las Vegas Hair Lab for hair, nails, makeup, and outfits!

Finally, back to Celebrity Cars Las Vegas for post-makeover photos, video, and interviews.
fellow makeover mom, Melanie of 
car turntable turned mom makeover display, manually turned due to technical difficulties 

The 12 hour day was totally worth it. From the beauty tips and swag, to the "celebrity" feel with "lights, camera, action", and the new friends I made that day, Total Mom Makeover was a once-in-a-lifetime experience I hope more moms can experience.

Busy moms are often so preoccupied with taking care of others, that they forget to take care of themselves. This experience was a reminder for me to take time out for me regularly: get my nails done, go shopping by myself, wear something bright to lift my spirits, and to remind myself that I can only help others if I take care of myself first.

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Statement Necklace: KATE SPADE

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Dream Team: Daisy Teh, Charlene Hafey, Cherrie Luzon, Karen Flor, Sophadavy Hun, Kay Castro, Las Vegas Hair Lab inside The Body Spa

Production Team: Ryan Hafey, George Teh, Aileen Orticio, Gabe Klein PC/VC: Hafey Digital + Oak Fotography + Specture Media

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