The Hospital Box – A Creative Care Package Kit

When a loved one becomes hospitalized, things can get really stressful. It's even stressful for youngsters who have a loved one who gets sick. My kids worry about their "mama" who goes to dialysis three times a week to care for her failing kidneys. Although my mom is a trooper and doesn't let her illness get her down, my boys can't help of feel bad for their "mama" when they see her fatigued and weak after her dialysis.

When given the opportunity to partner with The Hospital Box, my boys immediately knew who they wanted create the box for: mama! The Hospital Box's goal is to inspire the road to recovery!

The Hospital Box is a creative care package kit that has everything you need to give an incredibly special gift! 

How does it work?

There are 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1- Attach Your Photos: Lift your loved ones spirits by showing them life outside the hospital and reminding them of precious memories they’ve had living life vibrantly! See their smile as they reminisce on the good times displayed on your personalized care package. DJ chose to include photos of him and his brother.

Step 2 - Add A Meaningful Items In The “Open When” Bags: Dozens of emotions take over when you’re left to sit in a hospital bed ranging from anger, to sadness, to loneliness, confusion and more. The Hospital Box comes with three soft cotton bags with messages: Open When You Need Comfort; Open When You Need Love; and Open When You Need Support. The bags are ideal for handwritten notes, mementos and anything that will bring a smile. DJ chose a small plushie toy for mama to hug, a fun  photo of him and his brother, and a book to help pass the time during the 3 hour dialysis sessions.

Step 3- Include Thoughtful Comfort Items: Customize your care package with a few items that will bring the comfort of home right to their hospital bedside.

DJ had such a fun time creating the box. We wished the box was more of a blank canvas to be able to customize the box even more. Despite that, I think he did a pretty good job!

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary The Hospital Box in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are mine.