Happy Me with the #AirBrushApp

Weekends are days off, even from makeup. I sleep in a bit longer and spend less time getting ready for busy Saturday mornings driving my boys to and from their activities. 

Jelo and I snapped a few pictures together this weekend and I looked really tired in the pictures. Despite our big smiles, you can tell from my face I'm a tired, working mommy.  Bags under my eyes and a bleh skin tone. My lips even look ashy, ew!

Thank goodness for the magic of smartphone apps to work magic on my face!

The Airbrush app is super easy to use and has many different functions. You can remove acne, smooth and firm, and even reshape your face. The "makeup" function has different makeup settings like subtle, modern, nude, and smokey. 

Here I used the "nude" setting which is most like the makeup I use on weekdays at work. 

 Yes, that's make up on Jelo's face too! But that was easily remedied. There's a function to only put the makeup filter on certain faces on the picture.

Here I am with my virtual makeup on and Jelo without!

Here are a few before and after photos side by side. There is a subtle difference, enough to make me less "haggard" looking, haha!


I do believe that natural beauty is best. I am comfortable being out without makeup on days when I don't have to be at work. When at work, for me, makeup is part of my "professional attire". It makes me feel "put together". 

I use apps like Airbrush for the posterity of my photos. When photos show up on "On This Day" feeds or when I visit my hashtags like #GarciaBrosSay, I want to be able to see myself as pretty and happy, not tired and haggard looking. I won't remember years from now whether I had makeup on or not. What I will remember is how happy the day was and how happy I look in the moment. 

I've had lots of fun with this app. It's FREE and is awesome! The Airbrush app is available on both Android and Apple app stores.