Don't Get Twisted, Eat The Loop Churros

If you are like me, you drool over Instagram food photos. If you are really like me, you'll like the photo, follow the establishment, and bookmark the spot on Yelp immediately for fear of forgetting to visit the drool-worthy establishment. 

Thus, my recent visit to The Loop, handcrafted churros

Cute photo booth right inside The Loop
What are they? A churro is a deep fried pastry, popular in Spanish influenced regions like the Mexico, Spain, and Portugal. At The Loop, the churros have toppings, dips, and soft-serve accompaniment. Yum, yum, and more yum!

Here are our loops (left to right above):
  • Choco Crunch Glazed Chilled Loop
  • Cookies and Cream Chilled Loop
  • Dulce De Leche Dipped Loop
My favorite was the Choco Crunch. I liked the crunch of the almonds on top of the crunch of the churro. The creamy soft-serve is perfect with the churro!

Visit to plan your loopy churro gastric adventure!