Weekend Recap: Family Fun at Great Wolf Lodge

This is the 19th birthday I'm celebrating with my husband. Time flies! This winter will be 20 years since we've known each other. We've shared lots of awesome memories, the most special are the ones we share with our kids.

Hubby always chooses something fun the entire family can enjoy when it comes to celebrating his birthday. This year he chose to spend the weekend at the new Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove, CA.

We arrived at Great Wolf Lodge at about 7PM after Friday evening traffic driving from San Diego to Garden Grove. Garden Grove is right next to Anaheim, just a few minutes away from Disneyland.

We spent Friday night exploring the resort and playing a few games at the arcade. The kids loved the games, earning tickets, and cashing in for prizes. It was a great way to kick off our stay.

The next morning, we got up early to be the first ones at the water park. The Great Wolf Lodge's highlight is it's huge indoor water park which is only accessible to hotel guests. The water park opened at 9am on the day of our visit. There were a few early birds there with us so the water park was not crowded. We had our choice of lounge chairs and picnic tables. The kids were able to roam the water park with out waiting long lines for the water slides. The venue was clean and comfortable.

As the day progressed, the water park had more guests but it was never crowded. The kids still were able to enjoy the water park without long waits or crowded attractions.

By mid-afternoon though, the water park was in need of a "pick me up". Lunch trays with left over food, stray napkins, drink cups, used towels were all over without a staff member in sight to clean up throughout the day. I mostly blame the guests who did not clean up after themselves. Other than that, the rest of our stay was excellent!

By about 3PM, my kids were exhausted. They had, as they said, "Too much fun". We definitely had a great time!

Tips for your visit to Great Wolf Lodge:
1) Beat the crowds and visit the water park early.
2) Sign up to be an exclusive member for special rates and discounts.
3) Book early, rooms sell out quickly. Our stay was only one night since our planned 2nd day was sold out. We wish we could've stayed longer.
4) Military families have special discounts!
5) The resort has so much more fun to do in addition to the water park. Plan to purchase a Wolf Pass to save on the other attractions at the resort. Staff says these attractions could occupy 6-8 hours of fun so play accordingly! We hope to visit again to try out all the extra attractions!

Visit https://www.greatwolf.com/ to plan your family vacation soon!