The Sugar Spa - A Sweet Spot to Relax

It's Fall Break from work! You know what that means? Spa time!

I've seen the trendy "24k Gold Face Mask" on several beauty and celebrity websites and social media channels over the last few months. I was curious. I wanted to try it out!

Lucky for me, The Sugar Spa has opened in Chula Vista!

The facility is calming as soon as you step foot inside. The spa music is playing. The white and blue colors were very relaxing. One of the staff members, Jerome, greeted me by name right away. We went over a few formalities and I was introduced to my technician.

The lobby of The Sugar Spa
When doing the 24k Face Mask, much of the treatment is self-administered. You are given face wipes to clean your face in preparation for the face mask. You then apply the mask yourself and the technician will place you under an LED Light which is scientifically proven to decrease the effects of aging on skin and increase production of collagen.
My face mask before it was put on my face
I was soon on my back in a very comfy lounge chair, ready for my 24k Gold Face Mask.

I sat for 30+ minutes with the minerals, vitamins, and the gold essence working it's magic into my skin. It tingled a bit in the beginning, but the sensation went away after a few minutes. The mask stayed moist the whole time it was on my face, even under the lights. It felt a bit gooey as it sat on my face, but a feel-good, kinda gooey. Even with the gooey-ness, the spa music put me to sleep and I was totally in relax mode. I'm sure I let out a snore here and there.
After the treatment was over, the technician put some toner and sunscreen on my face. He then handed me the mirror so I could see the effects of the treatment. My face looked dewy and rested. It totally put a smile on my face!
After my face mask treatment
The 30+ minutes of taking care of my skin, while sitting quietly in a spa setting was definitely a treat for a busy mom like me. I was nice to be still and quiet, without any distractions. These moments of stillness are few and far between when managing my home and keeping up with work. The Sugar Spa is totally a sweet spot to chilax!

The staff at The Sugar Spa recommends the treatments about once a week. Be sure to check out Groupon for deals on the treatments. The Sugar Spa also offer teeth whitening services and additional facial treatments.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook for specials and exclusive deals!

Thanks to The Sugar Spa for the "gold" treatment! See you soon!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary 24k Gold Face Mask treatment in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are  mine.