Enjoying ME with ME in NOLA

On a recent trip to New Orleans for the annual American School Counselor Association conference, my co-worker asked me, "Do you miss your kids and husband?" She asked this two days into our four-day conference.

Counselors from the Sweetwater Union High School District representing at #ASCA16
She was surprised by my quick response. "Not really" was my answer.

She is a wife of less than two years, no kids yet. She missed her husband. Dang newlyweds!

Me? Married for over 10 years with two energetic boys. So, when I was asked if I missed my husband and boys, I really didn't.

Some might view my response as selfish, but I needed a few days away.

Yes, technically I was working, spending 7 hour days attending professional development workshops. But after "work", while in New Orleans, it was wonderful to have dinner without having to manage the noise level and squirmy-ness of my two kids. It was a treat to have a nice meal, at a nice restaurant, without having to worry about a kids meal that had to have mac-n-cheese or chicken strips.

Bourbon Street Eats
Fried Shrimp and Oysters at Desiree Oyster Bar
It was nice to be out "late" and not have to feel guilty that I've kept my kids' too long with the grandparents.

Cocktails at the famous Carousel Bar

It was relaxing to come "home" and not have to worry about preparing dinner, cleaning up, keeping my kids entertained with activities to give them "cultural capital", or playing mommy taxi to numerous extra-curricular activities.

View from my room at the New Orleans Marriott
On day four of our trip, when I woke up for our last day of workshops and a bit of sightseeing, I finally confessed, "Ok, now I miss my husband and boys."

I was really feeling the saying, "Distance makes the heart grow fonder". We can easy take for granted the hugs and kisses we receive from our spouse and kids. We can easily take for granted the laughter and loud conversations at home as regard it as annoying noise. We take for granted the daily routines of life: having a home to home to, having food to share at meal time, the pick ups and drop offs to school.

I was ready to go home. I missed their hugs and kisses. I missed the noise of our home. I missed the routine of every day. Being away for a few days helped me recenter myself and remind myself of the great life that was waiting for me at home.
Jackson Square
#ASCA16 Workshop Mode
Highlights of the ASCA Conference 2016:
Highlights of my visit around New Orleans:
Here is a short video that highlights my trip:

I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to better myself as a school counselor and have to the time to really enjoy ME with ME (and three awesome co-workers of mine who made sure I had a great time).