Foodie Friday: 85C Bakery Cafe Grand Opening TODAY

Guess what's opening in my 'hood TODAY?!

When the first Southern California location of 85C Bakery Cafe opened in Irvine a few years ago, we always stopped to buy goodies on our way home from Disneyland. There was always a line out the door whether it was early in the morning or late at night. The beautiful cakes in the displays and the shouts of "hot bread" by the staff walking out of the kitchen with fragrant, steaming hot bread kept us coming back for more!

What is 85C Bakery Cafe? The cafe was the idea of a Taiwanese business man who wanted to offer five-star quality coffee, cakes and breads at not so five-star prices. Lucky for us, 85C has crossed the Pacific Ocean and has landed in our neighborhood!

85C Bakery Cafe offers a variety of sweet and savory pastries, delicious cakes, teas, coffee, smoothies, and even boba drinks! There is definitely something at 85C Bakery Cafe to satisfy every palette.

Although the sweet pastries are delicious, the savory pastries are to die for. There are lots to choose from which are inspired by European and Asian pastries. My go-to savory pastries are the mushroom and cheese, the jalapeno danish, and the potato cheese puff pastry. Here are a few of my usual choices at 85C.

85C is the first and only place I've ever had a sea salt drink. You can get an iced coffee or an iced tea with the sea salt whipped cream on the top. It's sweet and a bit salty, yet refreshing all at the same time! Here is my Sea Salt Jasmine Iced Tea which I'm in LOVE with!

The cakes are not only beautifully made, they are also super delicious! Our family loves to pick up these cakes for special occasions. Here's my grandma and my aunt with their 85c Bakery Cafe birthday cakes. Don't they look delish?

Check out 85C Bakery Cafe's website or the Mira Mesa location Facebook page for more information and details on special events!

Here is my Snapchat coverage of the Grand Opening Festivities!

I'm so excited I 85C Bakery Cafe is just a few minutes away from me! See you there!