My babies are growing up too fast!

My youngest just had his 6th birthday this past weekend. I had hoped he would've wanted to check out the new Great Wolf Lodge or the Universal Studios Harry Potter attractions for his birthday, but this year he chose to have a party. He really wanted to celebrate with this friends and family this year.
I found this cool photo on Google Images and used PicMonkey to add the party details
We gathered DJ's classmates and family at our local park for some fun!

DJ's theme for his party was "Hip Hip DJ" since he loves to dance. He wanted to share his love of dance with his friends and family.

I found a few "hip hop" goodies at one of my favorite stores, Dollar Tree!

Microphone doubles as bubbles

I bought a multi-color, chocolate buttercream, chocolate "zebra" cake from our local Vons. It was a great deal and everyone raved about it's yummy, chocolate goodness! I decorated the cake with a few printed pictures of DJ dancing throughout his six years. His friends loved the pictures!

Our guests munched on food from Gemmae Restaurant and Bakeshop, as well as food prepared by both sets of DJ's grandparents!

The kids played and danced all afternoon!
Grandpa had a workout pushing the kids all afternoon

Six year old DJ is an amazing little boy. He loves to dance and perform, whether it's in our living room, at this school talent show, or in front of thousands at Petco Park. I admire his bravery, confidence, and passion for hip hop dance. This past year, he's taken a liking to playing the piano. I often wake up to the sound of him practicing on his own. Coming to the end of his first year in elementary school, he teacher always compliments him on being a great student. I can tell he is a great friend to his classmates and he is very much so a wonderful son. He never forgets to say his prayers and loves to attend the youth mass at church so he can "sing along". 

Happy birthday DJ! Mommy, Daddy, and Kuya (big brother) love you very much!