Savor Spring at Seasons 52

A mommy night out every once awhile is the perfect day to decompress, de-stress, and recharge. My good friend Joyce is always there to take me away from the mommy grind.
A few nights ago we spent the evening sampling the new Spring menu at Seasons 52 in San Diego. Seven courses highlighting the flavors of Spring paired with wines from all over the world, what else could a mommy ask for? I definitely forgot the piles of laundry, the bills to be paid, and the homework to be done, for a few hours at least!

The evening began with a STRAWBERRY BASIL INFUSION which was divine. Joyce and I chatted with Chef Mo, as well as a few of the other staff while we sipped on this delicious cocktail. The strawberry-infused prairie organic vodka, agave nectar and fresh basil had just a touch of sweet and was overall refreshing. I could've drank this all night, it was so good. I did have a few!

Once we were seated, we were treated to the Chef's SPRING AMUSE BOUCHE. Creme fraiche and crostini, along with sweet and savory, was a nice introduction to the flavors we were to experience that evening.

Next came the flatbreads...
CRISPY PROSCIUTTO and ASPARAGUS flatbread (Camembert cheese and chervil)
LOBSTER and FRESH MOZZARELLA (roasted sweet peppers, slivered scallions, lobster sour cream).

I love prosciutto, but I also love lobster so I couldn't choose a favorite between the two. The champagne paired with these flatbreads made my taste buds do a happy dance.

The SPINACH SALAD came next with featured spring strawberries, pea tendrils, toasted pine nuts, gorgonzola, and a balsamic drizzle. I really enjoy Spring salads with fruit and cheese, along with the crunch of nuts. This was very delicious. Yes, the salad was paired with wine as well. The Sauvignon Blanc was a wonderful compliment.

The CARMELIZED GRILLED SEA SCALLOPS with LEMON RISOTTO was my favorite of the night. If you follow my foodie posts, I go ga-ga over risotto. The creamy lemon risotto, sweet English peas, and perfectly roasted asparagus underneath the roasted scallops were super delish!

At this point, I had to take a deep breath from all the yummy food and finish off the latest glass of wine. We were half way through our dinner and I was enjoying every bite!

Our next course was the MEYER LEMON RICOTTA RAVIOLI with brown butter, roasted peppers, and English peas. The creamy, lemony flavors in this dish were so good. Biting into the ravioli, my mouth met the cheesy, lemony center of the ravioli and I just said "mmmmm", so delicious!

Thank goodness the next two dishes were for Joyce and I to share because I was getting close to being full but still wanted to try the last few dishes. 

Next we shared...
ASIAN-GLAZED CHILEAN SEA BASS on top of organic black rice, snow peas, and shitake mushrooms...

WOOD-GRILLED RACK OF LAMB with Spring vegetables, Yukon Gold mash, and shallots. 

Of these two, the sea bass was my favorite. The nicely fatty piece of sea bass was perfectly cooked and the compliments of the black rice and vegetables were perfect. 

Of course, the night ended with one of Seasons 52 MINI INDULGENCE DESSERTS. Here is the amaretto dessert we had. Yum!

Each of our dishes were paired with a wine of whom our waiter, Chris, was very knowledgeable. I wish I knew more about wine. All I know is if it's paired well, the wine and the food are exponentially more yum! And I have to say, all the pairings this evening were perfect!

Be sure to visit Seasons 52 to savor the flavors of Spring. Everything we tried was very delicious and keeps us coming back for more!

Call ahead if you really want to try the STRAWBERRY INFUSION. They say it's made in small batches and runs out quickly!

Thank you Seasons 52 for a wonderful evening. This mommy is very happy!

Disclaimer: Joyce and I received complimentary dinner experience at Seasons 52 in exchange for this blog post and social media shares. All opinions are mine. 

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