Get that Cupcake! Join the #CupcakeVM!

If you read this blog often or you follow me on social media, you know I love to eat. I love trying new restaurants and the enjoyment of sharing that experience with friends and family. I wish though that my blog posts and social media shares on exercise and wellness were just as many as those on food and restaurant reviews.

In 2012, I started the Cupcake 26.2 Virtual Marathon. I got the idea from! The idea is to run, walk, bike, and/or swim starting the first of each month to get you to your 26.2 miles by the end of the month. When you complete your marathon, treat yourself to a cupcake treat as your "medal"! How fun, right?!

So, why cupcakes? I have a love of cupcakes, plain and simple. And I know many of you do too!

In 2012, I had committed to 12 runs in 2012 and completed them all. In that year, I ran in mud, ran for chocolate, wore a tutu, ran jumped over fire, and dodged zombies. It was a great year and I definitely had, what they call, "a runner's high". 

Yet, over the past few years, I slowly lost that drive to run. I haven't been completely dedicated to the #CupcakeVM or any type of exercise at all. I'll do the 26.2 miles one month, and let a few months go by before I pick it up again. I'd take a yoga class a few times and a year will go by before I'll attend class again. I'll jump on the treadmill a few days, be great for a week or two, then the "busy, working mom" excuses got the best of me. 

I really want to become a better me in 2016, starting with a commitment to consistent exercise throughout the year. So, I'm kicking up the Cupcake 26.2 Virtual Marathon again, in hopes some of my readers and followers will join along!
How do you join?

Follow Cupcake 26.2 Virtual Marathon on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook. Share pictures and stories of your progress towards the 26.2 miles. Of course, we also want to see the yummy cupcake you've earned each month! Be sure to use #CupcakeVM in all your posts so we can all follow along!

How do you track your miles? There are lots of apps and devices you can use to track your miles and/or steps each day. I use or the RunKeeper app for my smartphone to track my miles. Add me on Runkeeper and we can keep each other accountable!

Let's do this cupcake lovers! Cheers to a great 2016!