#FoodieFriday - Interact with Your Dessert at iDessert

I love discovering new places to eat on Instagram. I came across a few pictures of a smoking dessert presented in a fancy dome contraption and it caught my attention. I came to find that these desserts made by Chef Jean-Philippe are only found in San Diego in the neighborhood of Little Italy. This unique dessert spot is called iDessert.

Once my boys and I stepped into iDessert, our eyes were in for a treat. The displays and the colors were inviting and definitely encouraged us to come in and try the desserts. The desserts are custom made via interactive iPads found at the front of the store. The staff was great in explaining the process.

To build your iDessert:

1) Find one of the iPads and follow the directions. Enter your name first and follow the directed steps.

2) The next steps, you'll choose the layers of your iDessert.

First, you'll select your crust. The crust is the meringue dome that will encapsulate the entire dessert yumminess. You can choose from chocolate, coffee, strawberry, coconut, raspberry, blueberry, and more!

3) Next you'll choose your gelato. The choices include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mocha, pistachio, and more! 

4) The cream goes next. You can choose from vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, dairy free vanilla, coffee, and other seasonal choices.

5) Then, you will have the option to add a layer of a flavored cake, a sauce, some fruits and/or a crunch. There are endless possibilities here. The choices on the iPad can become overwhelming but just follow your tummy's desire, you can't go wrong. 

6) The last step is to decide whether you wish to have the full iDessert experience by placing your dessert in a Vegas Bowl! This will have your dessert come out in an awesome presentation smoking with dry ice! 

My boys chose a chocolate crust, chocolate gelato, chocolate cream, chocolate cake, chocolate cause, with Oreo crumbles.

I chose the Winter Special which had a cinnamon crust, vanilla gelato, vanilla cream, vanilla cake, caramel sauce, and warm cinnamon apples. The warm apples and the cold gelato was delish!

To enjoy your iDessert, remove the plastic dome, squeeze the sphere to spread the sauce, crack the meringue crust with the sharp part your spoon, and enjoy!

iDessert is a unique dessert experience that's fun for the entire family! My kids love it! Check them out in Little Italy and be sure to follow them on social media!

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