Long Hair Don't Care - No Frizz with Shielo Hair Products

Since I've been keeping my long, I have been trying different products to help minimize dryness and split ends. There are parts of my hair that easily tangle as well and finding products to help solve my hair problems has not been easy! All of the drug store products I've used haven't done the job and I'm too cheap to invest in a pricier product that "might" help.

I've finally found a product that works to me long, wavy hair: Shielo Hair's Restoration Oil. 

This premium hair oil has restored my hair from damage. The oil has added shine and smoothness to my wavy hair also. I love how it speeds up drying time by 40% and p from heat styling. . Because my hair is so thick, it takes a long time to dry, even with a hair dryer. Its color enhancement properties last long term, and it increases hair manageability and removes frizz. 

Shielo's Restoration Oil contains a unique combination of exotic oils from the amazon region in South America, including Brazilian Passionfruit,Brazil Nut, and Buriti oils. These ingredients have been used throughout history to restore and condition hair since they contain essential beneficial lipids. Fused together, they create a tri-fold complex of hair oil rich in vitamins and fatty acids which are required to make healthy and shiny hair. I just love it!

After shampooing and conditioning, I simply massage one pump into my damp hair. I also use the oil on my dry hair for removing frizz and adding shine. It lasts all day. The oil enhances the natural wave in my hair. I've even received lots of compliments on my hair since I've started using the product!

Shielo has combined ancient philosophies with modern innovations to provide a complete line of organic hair shampoos, conditioners, styling and skin care products. We only use wheat protein foam boosters, plant-derived Keratin protein and the most sophisticated plant ingredients for the best results. Through tough testing standards, our ingredients are reviewed and authenticated to ensure quality. None of our products contain parabens or formaldehyde preservatives.

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Disclaimer: I received a sample of Shielo's Restoration Oil in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are mine.