#FoodieFriday - Tender Greens Mission Valley >>> NOW OPEN

I've been a fan of Tender Greens since it's first location opened in San Diego in 2008. Back then, I was a new mom looking for healthy meals to help me lose my baby pounds. Tender Greens was a welcomed alternative to fast food!

Now that Tender Greens' 4th location in Mission Valley is now open, the fresh and healthy dishes are even more easily accessible!

My top five favorites at Tender Greens are:

1) The salted white chocolate cookies are addicting! The saltiness was a nice compliment to the sweetness of the cookies. 

2) The backyard marinated steak as a hot plate with the mashed potatoes and spinach salad is a nice hearty meal that satisfies when I'm really hungry. The steak is cooked medium rare and seasoned in an herb marinade that's perfect . The creamy mashed potatoes just melts in your mouth. 

3) The roasted tomato soup with ciabatta croutons and basil oil is great for a cold day. I always ask for extra toasted bread on the side to dip and soak up this delicious soup.

4) The kids meal, Little Big Plate, with the fried chicken, side salad, and potatoes are a favorite of my boys. My boys love fried chicken and can be picky about how it's prepared. At Tender Greens, my boys always say "I love the fried chicken here!" 

5) I love the roasted brussel sprouts! Years ago, this was the first restaurant I had tried roasted brussel sprouts and I fell in love! I have a Tender Greens insider who shared the recipe with me (wink, wink) so I've learned how to bring one of Tender Greens yummies home!

What I appreciate the most about Tender Greens, is that everything they serve comes from the best, quality ingredients! The beef comes from grain-fed hormone/antibiotic free cows, the chickens are raised on the range in Northern California, not in cages, and the tuna is sustainably line caught from the Pacific.

Hope to bump into you at one of the San Diego locations at Tender Greens!

San Diego Locations: